Thursday, 23 July 2009

Spiritual perfection

Before Sandy left for her holiday we played. Its been a while since we played. In the interim we had a very nasty argument about sex, one in which the old fears and emotional communication patterns reared their ugly heads. I had been looking after her for quite a while, the last two weeks in fact, as she was feeling slightly ill, or tired, and stressed. We only had sex once in that time (the tickling night). I knew Sandy was going away for a week and a half and she and I wanted to have lots of sex and intimacy before she left. Our illnesses, her stress etc didn't allow that. Having been very supportive and leaving my needs and trust in her hands I was disappointed when on our last two nights she didn't appear to be making any effort to spend quality time with me. In a nice little rehash of our past our argument consisted of my harsh uncaring complaints and her stubborn uncaring intransigence.

Luckily we had sorted it out by the next day, but it was a close run thing. I hate the idea she may have gone away with us having that distance between us!

Anyway on to happier things. The night before she left. I am not in an erotic writing mood right now, I may extend this later. But in short we started out with a bit of a cuddle but very quickly she decided that it was time to administer my punishment of 40 strikes with a riding crop (something I earned a week or two previously for I cant remember what).

Now these are punishment swats, no warm up, and they hurt! Since there were so many she was nice to me and most weren't too hard, but overall it HURT. After we stopped she and I played for a minute or two, and it suddenly occurred to me that she wanted more. She was being too nice to ask but she wanted to torment me. I asked if she wanted to whip me more, she smiled and agreed wholeheartedly. I asked if she wanted the belt or the crop. She laughed her evil laugh and said 'what do you think'. O bugger!

So began a good 20-30 minutes of almost non stop riding crop on my arse. Some hard, some soft. Many of them very hard strikes, even a few on my perineum, many many on my anus. Several times she made me lie on my chest with my arse in the air, spreading my own butt cheeks so she could whip the sensitive parts in between. My arse was burning, on fire, the only thing hotter was my steel rod of a cock. Traitor! To be fair this was for fun, she had started off more slowly so my body was in the groove, endorphins flowing, and she often reached around and held on to my cock as she whipped. This had a double effect, of keeping me in place unable to escape the swipes because of my own sensitive member, but also as I wriggled her hand effectively masturbated me, sometimes to the point of orgasm. Naturally she knew and intended both effects. For a while I lay across her as she cropped me, my entire sensitised body one huge erogenous zone singing out to me of her as she beat me over and over. God I was so so enjoying myself, the pain was high but the endorphins and teasing kept it mostly in the hot submissive territory, deep in endorphin sub-space. Sometimes she went much further and the pain became almost unbearable. Also fucking hot, to have to lie there and take it, to be so swallowed up in submission that her pleasure in hurting me made me stay down and offer myself up for more, for her. After these heavy periods a greater endorphin rush and an even deeper place in subspace was my reward for my submission.

On second thoughts now I am in the mood to write this in a hot way, remembering has got my 'juices' flowing.

After we stopped she rolled onto her back and said 'my turn', clearly in need of an orgasm. I started to pleasure her but she asked if I wanted some more teasing before she came (usually her cumming is the end of things). I know she asked because of my need for intimacy and longer playtime, what we had hoped for in the preceding two weeks. I appreciated the consideration! She had me kneel above her with my hands bound behind my back. I could feel her body against my thighs but couldn't touch it, both physically restrained and also banned, ordered not to. Of course she lay there naked, newly shaved, her pert breast jutting up as she arched her back, her skin soft against me, and her waist achingly slim. She writhed as she masturbated me, never letting me cum. She arched, she jutted, she made as if to kiss me but backed away. Twice I couldn't resist and tried to lean down and kiss her, her lips or her breasts anything would do! Once she let me fall useless on my face as I had no hands to support me, I fleetingly felt her breast on my lips as I fell. The second time she grabbed my neck, squeezing and holding my weight up by it, preventing me from getting near her, staring me deep in my eyes with as forceful a look as I have ever seen in her. She told me off, whipped me a few more times to teach me a lesson. I was brought to the edge a lot, lord knows how often. I was truly begging to cum through most of it, and she was relishing, really relishing her refusal. I asked her why and she said that she could see I really wanted to cum, this wasn't play begging, this was real, voice cracking, past caring 'I NEED TO CUM', past secretly wanting the tease to continue, and because of that she was especially enjoying refusing me. What monster have I spawned?

I asked her in passing to push her finger in my ass. She hesitated for a moment then got out from under me, rummaged in our toy box and pulled out the dildo from her pink strap-on. She squirted lube lovingly over the tip like it was a mans cum, then I was pushed face down on the bed. The head of the cock slipped in quickly, but it probably took 5 minutes for the pain to ease and become more fully pleasure. I was soft at this point. She thrust with her hands the cock, in and out, a little deeper each time, sometimes almost pulling out. I got slowly hard again. I have no idea how long but after a while she taunted me that it was almost fully in my arse. She got more rough, faster, harder, 'you are sucking it in you slut' she said, practically making me cum just from her words! Next thing I knew she had leant over me, her cunt pressed against the edge of the dildo, and she fucked me, fucked me roughly, fucked me like she was crazy with lust and barely repressed violence. She fucked me until the dildo was deep in my arse, until my body had been pushed up the bed and my head hung off the edge, and she kept on fucking. I have no idea how long this lasted, i never wanted it to end. My cock rasped on the bed like it was honey velvet. Then she reached around....

It must have taken only a minute to get me to the edge again, and there I stayed for a few more minutes as she ground her cunt on the dildo, he hips on my arse, her breasts on my back, and her hand on my cock. Then finally she let me go.

I wont try to describe my orgasm. No words can suffice. It was stronger than anything I have yet experience, coming from inside me, outside me, from my dirty mind and hers, from her control and my loss of it. From the snapping of the spring of lust she had been winding up with an hour of lust and loving violence. It was only now I even noticed my head hanging off the bed.

I wound down only for a short while before she cheerfully and cheekily lay back, spread her legs and demanded her own. I don't recall much of it clearly except for this. She was soaked, sodden, as wet as I have EVER found her. Clearly this had not just been for me, her body had loved it too. I know her pleasure was similarly intense, I remember using a rabbit in her arse and very large dildo in her pussy as i pleasured her. I know that she almost came from penetration alone (would have done but I stopped to draw it out for her. This has never happened before. When she came she was as full, as horny and slutty as ever, pussy and arse filled and who knows what dirty thoughts in her head (two men probably). I don't, because I was so out of it from my experience that while I was able to pleasure her and focus on exactly what she needed, I cannot remember any details at all. A couple of minutes after her first orgasm i gave her her second, with one single slide of my finger across her clit. One, just one. This I do remember.

I have nothing more to say. It was wonderful, sublime. We snuggled in for the night and our warmth and our love flowed around us like a perfume as we fell asleep.


later edit ...
One thing I forgot to say, she had no intention of letting me cum during most of the evening. She wanted to go away with me unsatisfied knowing I am not allowed to play while she was gone. She was in an extreme teasing mood. I think she let me cum in the end because the fucking was so hot she enjoyed that more.


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