Friday, 10 March 2006

La Petite Mort

For those of you who speak french my apologies. La Petite Mort is french slang for orgasm, the little death, so called because of how similar it looks. This is a little story/poem I wrote a while ago. Hope you like it.

Going insane.
Minutes like hours of beautiful agony, Shaking and sweating;
and cursing.
I pull in vain, I need.
Sweat dripping, legs parted. Tongue flicking, so soft
Oh God, fluttering, more...
Wet, feels so good; wet.
Anyone, man or woman, anything, Please!
Slipping in, filling me with what, what's happening to me, can't take any more;
now empty, aching. I need.
please, let me die.

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