Monday, 24 November 2008

Dear diary ...

The tease continued another few days. I was getting to the point where i was feeling very submissive and she was feeling more and more playful. At the weekend we went to Erotica with some friends. Its a large exhibition in which you can find all sorts of toys, clothes, designers, porn. Basically lots of everything under one roof. Expensive to get in! The thing is that its often hard to find good toys, and even harder to find good fetish clothes for men. Here with so many stalls in one place I thought it was worth a visit. Last time we went was almost 10 years ago and the difference in my wife was stark. Last time she was nervous, seemed uninterested, uncomfortable with herself and the place. This time she was running from stall to stall, handling the goods, discussing which paddle would work best on me, what equipment looked like fun, trying out lubes and admiring clothes. She took me in to try on a beautiful kilt. Her eyes were sparkling and it was lovely to see, lovely to realise how far from the hard times we have come.

In fact trying on the kilt was fun, the designer, Jed, who seemed like a lovely person and very cool with it, was measuring me for fit and the kilt was sitting well below the level of my chastity belt waistband. How many places in the world can you do that and not even see a slightly raised eyebrow!

ANyway we got home with some wrist to thigh cuffs (looking forward to using them!), a beautiful waspie for my wife, a small vibrator, a serious tawse! In fact my wife tried the tawse on me when we got home and it packs a punch! Finally she can cause some real pain without her arm running out of puff. I should be scared :) MOst of it we will wrap up for christmas, but not to open in front of the parents, haha.

Saturday night we were tired but sunday we went back to bed about 11am for a couple of hours of play. I put on some porn, a freebie from the show, thinking that she wouldnt like it. She used to be pretty picky about porn. This was pretty crude stuff, a large cock and some hardcore explicit closeup fucking, sucking etc. Damned if she didnt get hugely turned on, dripping, and started fantasising about having a really large cock inside her, something she has had no interest in before. Within a few more minutes and my fingers playing her she had two men double penetrating her in her head while begging me from something in her ass. WHo was I to turn her down. Pulled her down to the end of the bed, spread her legs wide, lewdly, wetness glistening on her lips as I pushed a largish dildo, very easily, into her very hungry ass. No pain there, she sighed with pleasure as soon as the head was in, and demanded that I quickly and roughly push the rest in. We have been wondering about getting a dildo gag for me to use, so to see if we like the idea I took the end of the dildo in my mouth and thrust it in and out roughly while teasing her clit with my fingers. She went crazy, wild, loved seeing me fuck her with a dildo in my mouth, told me how good it would feel to take two men inside her and deny me, then make me lick cum from her ass afterwards! Practically begging me for it. At that moment if two men had been around they would not have been refused! She eventually came with me on my knees, one dildo in her ass being pushed in with my mouth, one in her pussy, my fingers on her clit driving her over the edge, a paralysing, immobile, mouth open, a rictus of silent pleasure.

She asked me afterwards to get some crude double penetration porn for her, heheh!

Anyway she teased me for a while then I gave her a second, quicker but equally strong orgasm while she masturbated me. We snuggled up for half an hour, relaxing, kissing, and her teasing that she wasnt going to let me cum. At that stage I think she was serious about it but we started to play again as she teased me more. I begged her to allow me inside her just as a tease, and she got on top and did exactly that. Only the feel of me inside, my hardness, the movement when she tickled me, and my raging passion (I was raining kisses on any body par within reach), it all quickly got to her. we probably fucked for half an hour, she couldnt cum while on top so she lay back and gave herself a third orgasm with me inside, with strict instructions to to cum yet. I guessed why... as soon as she came she got back on top and rode me to an intense earth shattering powerful orgasm! She knows I cum better when I can relax and she is on top. Collapsing on top of me we hugged and almost dozed for a few minutes. This is the nicest part in a way, we may have been kinky but this was pure love and ease with each other.

Heheh, then she pulled off me, slid up my body, plopped her pussy on my mouth and made me eat my cum. All of it. As my tongue worked deep inside her (and believe me she tasted and felt good) she actually started to hold my nose and push down harder on my mouth to stop me breathing. Mean bitch, she loved being so nasty. So did I! After I cleaned her out thoroughly she commented that she should do that more often as it saves her having to go to the bathroom...

I have mentioned being made to eat my cum a few times and she used to be unsure of it. In recent weeks however she seems to have taken a real shine to the idea. When she started up my body (I had already guessed it was coming) my post orgasm mentality wasnt sure I wanted it anymore. I must admit that as soon as she pressed down on me with such relish and I tasted her my misgivings went away. What a trip, great fun, and even better when she added the breathlessness twist. As one final act she rolled me over and tried the tawse out for about 10 hard swats, still post orgasm, and it hurt. She commented that the marks were lovely and I agree, the pain was sublime too.

I can honestly say that while this is one of the naughtiest and kinkiest sessions we have ever had, it is also one at the end of which we felt closer and more in love than ever before. And boy did I sleep well that night for having drained my balls!


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Night time attack of the hornies

God I can't stand it any more, im so horny I can't stop thinking of
sex but not allowed to cum. To the friend my wife texted, thanks, I
hold you partially responsible! Now I keep remembering how good you
look naked and imagining how much fun it would be if you held the key
to my chastity belt...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Nasty mean wife!

Nasty mean wife, I don't like her anymore! Last time we had sex was Monday night, I made the mistake of telling her that I had cum the night before, I had masturbated after she went to bed. So we got down hot and dirty, as you saw in my last post, and then she fell asleep. Most nights since then she has snuggled up close, fondled me a little before going to sleep. By Saturday morning I was ready to pop. We had fun on Saturday for sure. She was contorted in lust and a little pain, writhing around as we played with tight clover clamps on her nipples, my finger deep in her arse, another stroking her g- spot, and my other hand stroking her clit. All this while she fantasised about gagging on one cock while being fucked in the arse by one man and in the cunt by another. She ground against my hand wriggling in such an adorable way, moaned and whimpered as I gave her a powerful orgasm.

Trouble is after this she got back into dominant tease mode and decided she would be amused by making me wait again. So she teased me for a while, sat on my face while she tickled me, limiting my breathing, took me to the edge, then stopped!

Its been a week Damnit, I need to cum!

Yesterday she sent a text to a friend of ours asking her if she should relieve my frustration, the answer was to make me wait another week then beg for it...
Bitch, I don't love her at all :) not even slightly:)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Follow my ramblings automatically

I have added a follower widget to my blog. If you have a google account and read my blog then you can subscribe to it either via RSS or google's follow me facility. You should show up in the reader list but only if you choose not to remain anonymous. Its an experiment, but if you want to know when I post or just want to keep me in your reading list then please feel free to follow me. Just click on the link marked 'Follow This Blog' in the sidebar.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Sphincter spanking

This morning my lover was feeling amorous. I could tell from the extreme extent she was posing and preening for me as i got ready for work. Tonight she felt the same :) After we got to bed I mentioned about a friend who had got into having her arsehole spanked, and we both got rather turned on at the thought. Before you knew it she was playing with my cock idly and spreading her legs with a cheeky smile on her face.

I touched her, pleasured her, got her close to the edge and very wet, then told her to roll over. She wasnt sure at first but I insisted and she did. I love that beautiful bottom, her curves are so full, so womanly. Picked up our riding crop and spread her cheeks with one hand, started cropping her arse right on the sphincter (gently). She had her hand between her legs, and as she got closer to her orgasm I increased the strength of the strikes, alternating it with my tongue teasing her ass. By the time she came she had her butt raised up and was spreading her cheeks as wide as she could so I could flick the crop hard directly on her pretty pink rosebud. She looked magnificent when she came, I think it was rather enjoyable to say the least, her mewing sounds alone nearly made me cum!

She was so drained by it that we barely had time to whisper to each other how much fun that was before she drifted off, still with me lying across her back with her soft bum against my cock. She is asleep now, my beautiful satisfied lover.

We both like it that she can have sex, enjoy herself and not feel like she has to reciprocate. I feel good about making her feel good, and she likes not being under pressure (mrs bdenied can relate to this). Im tired, off to spoon her sleeping form and sleep deeply with my love in my arms and my heart.


Thursday, 6 November 2008

The darkening hour

She lay
Bound, bare,
Broken in the darkening sand.
Her bruises testament to the battering storm,
How many had there been? How long?
A tear drying and parched lips speak,
With quiet smiles.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Todays HNT is NSFW!

I have had a number of piercings in my todger. Each one of them I loved, but sadly none of them lasted. In every case it made sex with my better half painful, for her not me. The first was a frenum piercing, the second a side piercing where my foreskin would have attached if I had a foreskin. The last was a PA which to be fair I removed within a few days as the bleeding just would not stop (the others had healed quickly).

I loved the way they all looked. This is the one my wife liked the look of most. Specifically she liked knowing that her presentable husband had a nasty secret down below. I wish I hadnt had to remove it, but hey would you give up penetrative sex for a piercing?

Its an HNT because you can only see half of me and that half is naked,
or maybe because my balls are bare and my pubis is fully dressed,
or maybe just because I want it that way...

Please stand well back if you click through this image, heheh. You have been warned it is explicit.

An ode to circumcision!

I was late to the circumcision world. I did it when I was 22 and it was, without question, one of the best decisions I ever made. I will explain why I did, and why I like it so much but first let me extol its virtues...

1 It looks gooood, so much better than a random flap of excess skin
2 It lets the head of my cock grow much much more when I am at my hardest, this looks cool. More importantly it grows most when I am close to cumming, usually this is when my wife is also close to cumming and the growth can push her over the edge. A lovely way to have a simultaneous orgasms.
3 It feels velvety and smooth
4 It tastes so much better (according to my wife, I wish I was that bendy!) than an uncircumcised penis, even if the owner keeps it clean. She has had quite a number to choose from so I believe her! Hence I get much more oral than I would otherwise have done.
5 It works better in a chastity device (easier to keep clean)
6 It looks great with a piercing (see this coming thursdays HNT)

and last but far from least, the reason I originally had it done

7 It doesnt hurt when having sex!

That brings me nicely to the reasons why, and the story about when I had it done. I have, it turns out, always had a tight foreskin. It was being monitored when I was a kid but it was never tight enough for the doctors to warrant removing it. I dont think they should have been so cautious, and I also think they should have told me what they were monitoring and what the consequences I should watch out for were as an adult. At such a young age I had no idea what the problem was. So as I grew into my teens my penis (which when hard has a big head) never got to full hardness, ever. When it approached I would become very uncomfortable and my erection would soften (or at least not harden further). As a result I spent years wondering if there was something wrong, it lowered my confidence in my sexual ability, and the few times I had sex it failed completely to be pleasurable. It was just plain uncomfortable. It was this which eventually (age 22) led me to realise there may be a physical rather than psychological problem and talk to a doc. They took one look, heard my description of sex and immediately said remove it. It was a huge relief to know what the problem was. The difference afterwards was incredible, sex was much more pleasurable, my penis got much harder and a bit larger because of the lack of discomfort, and for the first time sex worked. I consider I was a virgin until I was 23 because that is when I first had sex. Everything before it was some pale shadow of what it should have been. My confidence grew, but I think it is still less than it should have been.

The story of how it happened still amuses me (and turns me on)... At the time I was a student living in a house with 4 doctors, all female, and all cute. One was a part time call girl and had a habit of flouncing into my room at 2am to tell me about her night. Two of them were extremely very very cute (truth is I was infatuated with both), both wore holdups never tights (pantyhose), both wandered around the house in their underwear on a regular basis, and both also had a habit of flouncing into my room or even bed for late night TV. I realise this sounds like a silly playboy fantasy but believe me it isnt, if it were the late night TV session would have ended in a threesome, but that only ever happened in my dreams:) So during this year I had the chop. I went into hospital in the morning, had a tiny bit of general anaesthetic and woke up 20 minutes later thinking no time had passed. Looked under the cover wondering why they hadnt operated and saw a very bandaged penis. Walked home a couple of hours later, slowly.

Over the next 6 weeks I discovered that...

1 I am a man with a very high sex drive
2 I am unable to pleasure myself for at least 6 weeks
3 That I am in no pain except when I get erect when it hurts a lot
4 That the days are fine but the nights are hard, literally, and then sore. I didnt sleep so well :)
5 That my flatmates continued to wander around in their underwear and flounce into my bedroom
6 That without a good wank at least 3 times a day it became a huge tease having them around.

Lets just say that when the pain was bearable I had a wonderful explosive orgasm or seven. I wonder if this is where my love of Tease and Denial originated?

My son (now three) also has this problem. The doctors are unwilling to do anything this early on and want to monitor it. Unsurprisingly I am wary of this given the problems it caused me. The least I will do is talk to him early on about the problems to look out for when he grows up. I wonder how many 14-15 year olds when going through puberty have the confidence to discuss such a personal matter. Part of me wants to be proactive and have him circumcised, and part of me wonders whether the docs are right to be cautious. I certainly dont want him to have the problems I had though!