Sunday, 16 November 2008

Nasty mean wife!

Nasty mean wife, I don't like her anymore! Last time we had sex was Monday night, I made the mistake of telling her that I had cum the night before, I had masturbated after she went to bed. So we got down hot and dirty, as you saw in my last post, and then she fell asleep. Most nights since then she has snuggled up close, fondled me a little before going to sleep. By Saturday morning I was ready to pop. We had fun on Saturday for sure. She was contorted in lust and a little pain, writhing around as we played with tight clover clamps on her nipples, my finger deep in her arse, another stroking her g- spot, and my other hand stroking her clit. All this while she fantasised about gagging on one cock while being fucked in the arse by one man and in the cunt by another. She ground against my hand wriggling in such an adorable way, moaned and whimpered as I gave her a powerful orgasm.

Trouble is after this she got back into dominant tease mode and decided she would be amused by making me wait again. So she teased me for a while, sat on my face while she tickled me, limiting my breathing, took me to the edge, then stopped!

Its been a week Damnit, I need to cum!

Yesterday she sent a text to a friend of ours asking her if she should relieve my frustration, the answer was to make me wait another week then beg for it...
Bitch, I don't love her at all :) not even slightly:)


bdenied said...

do you mean want to or need what happens if you dont?

MyKey said...

want to of course, as she reminds me. If I don't cum all that happens is that I squirm in even more frustration that
Makes her want to say no even more. Ahhh poor me:)