Monday, 10 November 2008

Sphincter spanking

This morning my lover was feeling amorous. I could tell from the extreme extent she was posing and preening for me as i got ready for work. Tonight she felt the same :) After we got to bed I mentioned about a friend who had got into having her arsehole spanked, and we both got rather turned on at the thought. Before you knew it she was playing with my cock idly and spreading her legs with a cheeky smile on her face.

I touched her, pleasured her, got her close to the edge and very wet, then told her to roll over. She wasnt sure at first but I insisted and she did. I love that beautiful bottom, her curves are so full, so womanly. Picked up our riding crop and spread her cheeks with one hand, started cropping her arse right on the sphincter (gently). She had her hand between her legs, and as she got closer to her orgasm I increased the strength of the strikes, alternating it with my tongue teasing her ass. By the time she came she had her butt raised up and was spreading her cheeks as wide as she could so I could flick the crop hard directly on her pretty pink rosebud. She looked magnificent when she came, I think it was rather enjoyable to say the least, her mewing sounds alone nearly made me cum!

She was so drained by it that we barely had time to whisper to each other how much fun that was before she drifted off, still with me lying across her back with her soft bum against my cock. She is asleep now, my beautiful satisfied lover.

We both like it that she can have sex, enjoy herself and not feel like she has to reciprocate. I feel good about making her feel good, and she likes not being under pressure (mrs bdenied can relate to this). Im tired, off to spoon her sleeping form and sleep deeply with my love in my arms and my heart.



Elle said...

Hot stuff!

I like your wife :D

bdenied said...

hmm I have to think about this one

MyKey said...

hey elle. So do I :)

He bdenied. Don't think too hard my friend, it's not healthy:)

Anonymous said...

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