Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I have found the holy grail

A year passed. Winter changed into Spring. Spring changed into Summer. Summer changed back into Winter. And Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went straight on into Autumn. Until one day...

A ring, a ring shalt thou have in thine holiest of holyies. Therein to reside the one they call Prince Albert. Verily shall his presence command the masses, the lowly peniletry, his lowly subject.

And so It came to pass that the prince took up residence, subjugating his peniletry with the aid of his trusty polycarbonate ring of power, magiked into being by the great miller.


So five chastity belts later, home made 1, cb2000, cb6000, neosteel sport, and now pa5000. Finally I have found my grail. I've worn the pa5000 5 days non stop so far, and apart from a very very slight tenderness in the piercing now and then it's been totally comfortable. Not a hint of pain except when I'm absolutely fully erect and at my very hardest.. Then it starts to feedback enough to calm me down. Even the night-time wood does not wake me. And I'm a very light sleeper! The sleep problem was one of the things thats stopped the cb6000 working for me.

I came with it the first night after my ass fucking. I was horny, sandy asleep and after a long time trying I just barely managed to tip over the edge. It hurt so fucking much I will never never do that again, there was no pleasure there.

I conclude then that it is effective, makes it very hard to touch myself, almost impossible to get to the point of Cumming as the feedback gets intense when close, and nobody would want that orgasm twice! I can sleep, ride a motorcycle, play sport, it's very easy to clean and I can even at a push pee standing up. Yet it's constant reminder that I can't cum, that sandy has the key.

I have found the holy grail. Problem is sandy has no intention to let me out yet :) she released me tonight for a long tease and a blow job, and to make her cum. That's six orgasms this week for her, famine to feast! I was then relocked and she hid the key before sending me to hang out the laundry and give her a foot rub.. I have no idea if I will be let out soon but she is enjoying her new found power for now, as am!

Finally the right belt for me, fantastic!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Arse fucking as therapy?

As if to put the lie to my last post this morning brought probably the best sex I've had in a long while, and the first time for a while I've been on the receiving end of things...

Sandy and I woke up after a boozy and fun night with friends, lazing about in bed and talking about the problems we've been having. Though the conversation was a little uncomfortable at times it was caring on both sides, unlike the last few days. The conversation did not last too long and made us both feel a bit closer.

Cue a little more lazing around and then, no idea why, we starting talking about her fucking me with the strap on. It was obvious it's been two weeks since she had cum as within a minute of this talk she was feeling horny at the thought of taking me that way. I snuggled up closer and whispered in her ear imagine doing that while I was locked in my cock cage, unable to cum while she took me anally. As I said this I teased her pussy gently, and only momentarily. Her response was immediate and unequivocal... 'go and do it now!'

Eh? I wasn't expecting that. I was hard as a rock, I looked at her unsure and she stared me down, Now! She repeated. Get my cock into a cock tube? Yes mistress. I took myself and my tube to the bathroom where I stood under a stone cold shower hoping it would achieve the impossible, the last thing I had seen as I left was my wife's beautiful long legs splayed and her hand sliding up and down her wet slit. My mind kept casting back to that, and what was about to happen. It was a long shower!

I got back to the bedroom with a semi flaccid cock locked in a chastity belt, semi lasted about 2 seconds after I entered the room finding her still spread wide and teasing herself slowly and gently. My hairless submissive looking locked cock Immediately sprang to full (and slightly uncomfortable) hardness and I jumped in bed, crushing my body against hers and teasing her very hot slit with my fingers. Another surprise, she was impatient, desperate for her fantasy to become real. I had barely touched her when she ordered me to get the strap on and her pretty jewelled butt plug. I hesitated, lying on top of her and enjoying the feeling of her skin and breasts against my body, again finding myself surprised as seconds later she said 'Now!' with a don't waste any more time sternness. I did as I was told immediately.

By the time I found the toys she was on all fours, her finger buried between her now very red and swollen labia and her ass exposed waiting for the plug. My tongue went straight to her hole, tasting her pussy then pushing deep into her ass for a few seconds before her demand for me to plug her was repeated. The pretty cold steel plug slipped in so easily, a quick intake of breath at it's widest point and then a low moan as it's cold weight buried inside her made it's presence felt. I could smell her all over my mouth and hands. Wasting no time she got up and slipped the strap on harness on, a pretty leather pair of panties with a Brazilian rear, a thin strap that buries between her pussy lips, and the pink large cock at the front. unable to help myself I leaned in and sucked her cock deep. I love sucking her cock, last time she liked it too, forcing it deep and pressing my head in. This time she let me suck her down twice maybe before again, impatiently, lustfully told me to get on my hands and knees..

It's a big cock, the head popped in painlessly but as soon as she started moving it began to hurt, and I knew the widest part was yet to come. I didn't expect then, that a few thrusts later, as I lay face down on the bed with my arse raised, that she would start moaning like a woman drowning in desire and pressing her pussy against my arse, whispering in my ear how hungry my slutty hole is, that ive taken the whole length in already. I had. I could feel her cool pussy against my arse, it felt sublime... I was moaning like an animal, my arms spread, locked cock grinding against the bed, she was now thrusting in and out hard and fast, forcefully, slapping my arse hard now and then. Pushing my face down into the bed with her hand on the back of my neck, talking so fucking dirty, how I was a slut, she was fucking her slut husband up the arse and using him, debasing him, so dirty. Her butt plug was moving inside her with every thrust as she pounded me. She was on fire, her breasts were rubbing against my back and she leant in with a few especially forcefully thrusts and told me how she was violating me and had my cock locked, no orgasm, just an arse fucking, so so dirty....

Perhaps 10 minutes of this went on, I loved every second, groaning the whole time, when suddenly she lent back, kneeling up, her cock deep deep in my arse, if I could touch myself now I'd come, she said. Do it! I replied and quickly heard her whimpering as her fingers found their way into the front of her leather panties. I craned my neck around, seeing, just out of the corner of my eye, this beautiful dominant woman, naked, pert breasts heaving, her hand in her panties playing, her hips tight against me filling me with her big cock, occasionally thrusting deeper to keep me violated as she took her pleasure. She came heaving, almost screaming, pounding into me a few times for extra stimulation, then slowing down her thrusts as she came down from her cum, lying over my back and relaxing, still deep inside me.

She lay there perhaps five minutes and I, my cock, ached for her with the force of her orgasm..

I was of course expected to give her another orgasm a short while later, for sandy they always come in twos or threes. My own pleasure was not even considered. She wanted me denied, it had enhanced her pleasure.. As I write this I'm still locked.

Holy fuck, I've missed this, and the way she spoke about it she had missed fucking me, had been wanting to do it for a while. I felt about as submissive, as taken, as put in my place as a man can ever feel, lying beneath her, my own wife, my cock locked and my lack of orgasm used as a tool for her pleasure, my arse penetrated, slapped. Her animalistic approach to taking from me what she needed, feeding off my responses and my lust, using me, driving me down deep into the space I needed to reconnect and feel loved.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Things are tough all over

Extra point to anyone who recognises the reference :)

Things are a bit crap in the outsidevanilla household these days. Part of the reason I'm writing less is because we are doing less. Sandy is getting less and less interested in sex as the months go on.

It started with her going back to work full time a year or so ago. She doesn't cope well with full time work especially when you add two kids into the equation. I've upped the support I'm giving to the point where I am shattered but it's not enough. She is tired, irritable, isn't getting enough downtime and is unable to relax and make the most of it when she does get it. End result is she has nearly no sex drive. We've dropped frequency over the last year down to once a week or less. Even that is a quickie as often as not.

Im well aware that some readers might think once a week is plenty. Sandy sure does. For me though I've compromised over the years from who I really am, a highly sexual man, and as the years went by the compromise got more extreme and harder to bear. Our three year d/s relationship changed that but died as the pressure of her new job took it's toll on her.

The pressure it's putting on us is huge. I'm unhappy and feeling distant from her, and very disconnected from my own sexuality. She is distant and the lack of intimacy is affecting her too. It's causing arguments that resolve nothing. She is trying to make more effort but her effort stops outside the bedroom door. Basically she is flirty but her brain usually shuts down if it looks like it's going to become real.

All in all we are back where we started but with slightly better communication between us. We've tried to halt the slide the last few months with no lasting success. I have no idea where this is leading, no idea why I'm writing this post except that I want to get it off my chest. I'd like to think things will improve but I don't believe that. This problem has been with us for 15 years and if there was a simple solution we would have found it by now.

Sex or job. That's what it boils down to. And we can't afford for her not to work.


Monday, 18 July 2011

Mourning the loss

I find that most of the blogs I used to read when I started blogging are gone. That and being busy mean that I have little interest in reading blogs these days. My own blog is now getting to be a bit of s trooper, which I never expected.

Elle, ms Inconspicuous, lil' flower petal, and so many others have shut down. I realise each time I look at my blogroll that I miss them. Now it's mostly full of tumblr, great for porn but not so much writing lol.

Thumper and Tom Allen are the only blogs that are still going! Although Tom of course started much before then.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lasering update

Florida Dom asked what being lasered was like. Well the short answer is painful. It's like a rubber band being snapped against your skin, done repeatedly until the whole area is covered. Some parts are not too painful, others, balls, arse, base of cock hurt like mad. But then I have dark hair and olive skin and absorb a lot of the laser energy. My dark blonde pale skin wife had much less pain.

My cock and balls have had several sessions over the last four months and are very deliciously smooth. My groin has had only one, the latest one. After shaving you get lasered. Then the hair keeps growing, oddly enough. By about two weeks later I had 5-8mm long regrowth, and at that point all the hairs finally die off and start falling out. It's odd but strangely cool seeing them fall away painlessly leaving you bare.

In my case I've been left patchy, about 90% of the hair has been killed. The rest is still strong so it looks, well, mangy lol. One or two more sessions will finish it. Paler haired people take note, you won't get away with 3 sessions. My wife needed 6 and isn't quite perfect yet, although she is yummy already!

Oh and later sessions hurt much less, fewer hairs you see.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Update on the friend

Well I confess to feeling a little down. Of course having a cold always makes me feel more emotional than usual, but there is also another reason for it. I'm getting myself used to the idea of walking away from the 'friend'. She is a great person and I thought that we could be good friends, and perhaps even lovers. However I've noticed over the last month or so that the relationship is rather one way. When we are together we get on well and have fun, but I find her very flaky at keeping in touch or even responding to a hello. Frankly thats not what i want in my life. I want friends I can rely on a little more. Nothing too intense, but equally its nice to know I'm not the only one thinking of the other.

My conclusion is that she simply doesn't want what I want, or isn't the kind of character I need. Shame as I thought she was and i do rather like her.

I may be mistaken, time will tell, but i doubt it. Shame.