Monday, 18 July 2011

Mourning the loss

I find that most of the blogs I used to read when I started blogging are gone. That and being busy mean that I have little interest in reading blogs these days. My own blog is now getting to be a bit of s trooper, which I never expected.

Elle, ms Inconspicuous, lil' flower petal, and so many others have shut down. I realise each time I look at my blogroll that I miss them. Now it's mostly full of tumblr, great for porn but not so much writing lol.

Thumper and Tom Allen are the only blogs that are still going! Although Tom of course started much before then.



Tom Allen said...

Yeah, in blogging years, I'm a pretty old guy.

I once read that most blogs had a 3 to 6 month life span before the authors pretty much forgot about them, lost interest, or just let the thing slide. So, any blog that goes on for a few years is already doing better than the average.

For my own part, over the last few years I've had less slack time at work, mainly because the bad economy forced me to let a few people go - and now I have to do those jobs.

But I've also developed different interests; for example, I've been on a serious health kick for a while. When I get up, I don't sit down to blog anymore, I head to the basement to work out. Or in the evenings, I do a lot of those things that I used to do in the morning so I can get a bike ride in before work. On the weekends, if the weather is nice, I'll try to get 20 or 30 miles in, instead of spending a couple of hours in front of the PC.

Unfortunately, between the working more and the exercise, in the evening when I finally *do* sit down, I'm too tired to actually write anything. :-(

Tallestrina said...

Yep I know what you mean- maybe we've seen the golden years (months?) of blogging come and go. Personally, I rather lost interest in blogging when I realised it was pretty much a "write only" activity- hardly anyone leaves a comment, out of thousands of hits! Call me naive, but I kinda expected a conversation. ANyway, sincere thanks to you and Tom for keeping it all alive for so long.

MyKey said...

Hi Tom
Yeah I've read that too, I find it surprising that's it's so short a time. In my day job I keep up with a lot of technical blogs and one of them recommended to blog regularly rather than often so as not to burn out.

Lol I've noticed your interest in getting fit! It's cool, too many people don't. I'd rather get to my old age fit and healthy and young in mind than boring and infirm! Half my peers have already given up and im barely 40.

Still appreciate what you do write though.

Hi Tallestrina

Yeah it sometimes bugs me too but it's more of a diary for me and comments are a bonus. Still the community aspect would be nice. I think you are right that the golden age is passed. Twitter and tumble seem to be the lazy newer version. Lol

thumper said...

It's hard for me to get invested in new blogs since many of the ones I read when I started have gone away.

I suppose it's natural, but still a bummer.