Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I have found the holy grail

A year passed. Winter changed into Spring. Spring changed into Summer. Summer changed back into Winter. And Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went straight on into Autumn. Until one day...

A ring, a ring shalt thou have in thine holiest of holyies. Therein to reside the one they call Prince Albert. Verily shall his presence command the masses, the lowly peniletry, his lowly subject.

And so It came to pass that the prince took up residence, subjugating his peniletry with the aid of his trusty polycarbonate ring of power, magiked into being by the great miller.


So five chastity belts later, home made 1, cb2000, cb6000, neosteel sport, and now pa5000. Finally I have found my grail. I've worn the pa5000 5 days non stop so far, and apart from a very very slight tenderness in the piercing now and then it's been totally comfortable. Not a hint of pain except when I'm absolutely fully erect and at my very hardest.. Then it starts to feedback enough to calm me down. Even the night-time wood does not wake me. And I'm a very light sleeper! The sleep problem was one of the things thats stopped the cb6000 working for me.

I came with it the first night after my ass fucking. I was horny, sandy asleep and after a long time trying I just barely managed to tip over the edge. It hurt so fucking much I will never never do that again, there was no pleasure there.

I conclude then that it is effective, makes it very hard to touch myself, almost impossible to get to the point of Cumming as the feedback gets intense when close, and nobody would want that orgasm twice! I can sleep, ride a motorcycle, play sport, it's very easy to clean and I can even at a push pee standing up. Yet it's constant reminder that I can't cum, that sandy has the key.

I have found the holy grail. Problem is sandy has no intention to let me out yet :) she released me tonight for a long tease and a blow job, and to make her cum. That's six orgasms this week for her, famine to feast! I was then relocked and she hid the key before sending me to hang out the laundry and give her a foot rub.. I have no idea if I will be let out soon but she is enjoying her new found power for now, as am!

Finally the right belt for me, fantastic!


Tallestrina said...

Congratulations! PA5K is definitely the best- I'm sure your balls are much more comfy now! BTW I take mine off for a clean at least once a day, other than that its perfect. Thinking of trying a slightly smaller one (I have 1 1/4", will try 1 1/8) to stop me even thinking of S E X - it would be so painful!

MyKey said...

Damn right, the trapped balls never worked for me!

I clean mine in the shower, every few days I reckon an extra cock out clean is useful. Taken to peeing upside down as there is less chance of drips getting into the tube..

I went the other way. Had a 1 1/8 but went up a size. The morning wood was too painful and kept waking me. I don't cope well with bad sleep!

Fun :)