Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lasering update

Florida Dom asked what being lasered was like. Well the short answer is painful. It's like a rubber band being snapped against your skin, done repeatedly until the whole area is covered. Some parts are not too painful, others, balls, arse, base of cock hurt like mad. But then I have dark hair and olive skin and absorb a lot of the laser energy. My dark blonde pale skin wife had much less pain.

My cock and balls have had several sessions over the last four months and are very deliciously smooth. My groin has had only one, the latest one. After shaving you get lasered. Then the hair keeps growing, oddly enough. By about two weeks later I had 5-8mm long regrowth, and at that point all the hairs finally die off and start falling out. It's odd but strangely cool seeing them fall away painlessly leaving you bare.

In my case I've been left patchy, about 90% of the hair has been killed. The rest is still strong so it looks, well, mangy lol. One or two more sessions will finish it. Paler haired people take note, you won't get away with 3 sessions. My wife needed 6 and isn't quite perfect yet, although she is yummy already!

Oh and later sessions hurt much less, fewer hairs you see.

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