Monday, 22 December 2014

And another little exchange

This morning I was asking my Sandy to pleasure me. This is what followed...

What will you do for me?

I'll make you coffee and give you an orgasm.

Is that all?

I'll let you keep having an open marriage.

#laughs# If I want to I'll do that anyway!


Yes, I think our marriage is strong enough.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Some random comments made by my wife

So do you think you could go back to normal if I asked?

No, you can go back to it if you like but I'm not going to stop, and you can't ask me to.

My wife discussing being in an open marriage one day. She likes being a hot wife.


Why do you like being a hot wife?

Its powerful and sexy and naughty and makes me feel in control.


I had a sexy thought but I'm too shy to say.

Tell me!

Imagine how naughty it would be if I bought you that underwear and you didn't let me see you in it until you had worn it for him...

I knew you would say that.


Because I'd already thought of doing that myself!


Hurry up and order the cock tube.


So we have it by January.


So I can lock you in it when I go to see him!