Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New sub, and what a girl!

I met a girl recently who has become my sub, and so very submissive too. She sent me this message today...

'My limits just shift the moment I feel you like it.'

And this in response to being called a good girl...

'Aaaargh... Calling me this makes me feel good since you like it, and humiliated as being treated like a small stupid doggy... So it just turns me on...'

How delicious and cute and submissive is that?!

Monday, 22 December 2014

And another little exchange

This morning I was asking my Sandy to pleasure me. This is what followed...

What will you do for me?

I'll make you coffee and give you an orgasm.

Is that all?

I'll let you keep having an open marriage.

#laughs# If I want to I'll do that anyway!


Yes, I think our marriage is strong enough.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Some random comments made by my wife

So do you think you could go back to normal if I asked?

No, you can go back to it if you like but I'm not going to stop, and you can't ask me to.

My wife discussing being in an open marriage one day. She likes being a hot wife.


Why do you like being a hot wife?

Its powerful and sexy and naughty and makes me feel in control.


I had a sexy thought but I'm too shy to say.

Tell me!

Imagine how naughty it would be if I bought you that underwear and you didn't let me see you in it until you had worn it for him...

I knew you would say that.


Because I'd already thought of doing that myself!


Hurry up and order the cock tube.


So we have it by January.


So I can lock you in it when I go to see him!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The aftermath

Well they played last night. I'm in one country, while my wife is in another fucking her lover. She kindly sent me a couple of messages and pictures. I will share just a little...

Wearing knee socks and chilling as she waits for him

One swollen and well fucked pussy, and you cant see it but yes its full!

I was at work when I was sent these, one before, then the other 2 hours later. The second arrived as I was in  a bar having a beer with my colleagues. Had to go to the toilet so I had the privacy to have a good look. I was hard in seconds, and had to touch myself (but not cum).

Texts straight after  (excluding a few normal life ones)
Me> Oh God so sexy! Did you have fun?
Her> Yeah ;)
Me> Did he cum in you?
Her> Yeah...xx
Her> Feeling naughty now!

and later
Me> tell me something you really enjoyed?
Her> Giving him a sloppy BJ :)

Imagine getting these while at work... Concentration shot to pieces!

Something to remember you by

Dressed for a rooftop party, 11 stories, view over the city, and a night full of fun :)
Dress pulled up with no regard for decency!

Yes that is a six pack, yes I'm very proud of her! 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Him vs me

I haven't cum bareback in my wife for over a year, practical contraceptive reasons.

But tomorrow she is able to be fucked bareback, her new contraceptive start to kick in.

And guess who she is seeing tomorrow? Not me. Her lover will be the first man to cum in her pussy in over a year.

It's mostly chance and timing, but both she and I are enjoying the naughtiness of this. She was packing today to go and see him, stocking, black, suspenser belt, short skirt, sexy top, and high heels. Panties she might take off before she meets him, apparently. She hasn't decided.

I on the other hand, she won't let me see or touch her newly waxed pussy until she has been fucked. She keeps telling me it's for him not for me at the moment.

I'm aching horny, and she is (believe me) very wet. She showed me a picture she sent him of her pussy, visibly wet, and she had not even touched herself before taking this pic.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Goodbye my friend

No easy way to say this, no fluffy feel good sentiments, no great plan. A good friend has just died unexpectedly, no illness nor known reason. An easy going, calm and deliciously eccentric woman, an extra-ordinary domme. She could put someone at ease better than almost anyone I know. I've performed with her, sung to her, been beaten raw by her. She has played with friends whose experience of it was delightful.

Sorry I can't sing to you again like you wanted.

I will miss you, your husband will miss you. This is to your memory C. Won't forget you. One last cigarette together :)