Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Can't sleep

Heart churning cock burning stomach roiling. My sandy has been closeted for the last four hours with her lover and I can't get to sleep for imagining what they are up to.

She did send me a picture of her lover balls deep inside her an hour ago. A short few texts passed between us in which I said I wanted it too. She replied

'No not now not for a while...x' and then 'for him not for you x'

Her last text when asked if i was allowed to cum, read, 'No, now go to sleep I'm busy xx'

As if I can!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

On polyamory

There is a lot of well written information about polyamory on the Internet, what I know would probably fit on the back of a postcard, or even a stamp (remember those things that used to make old fashioned paper emails go). What I do know is that this is now the third time sandy and I have started on what can only be described as the beginnings of a poly relationship.

Sandy, who for years has had permission to play but always said she didn't want to, has for the second time found a lover, once last year and now. Several years ago she and I had a semi regular threesome with a man who is still a good friend. In his case he was almost becoming part of the family, I could have imagined him in our lives longer term and so could sandy. She called it off in part because she could grow to like him too much. The lover last year (initially at least) and her current lover occupy a similar position in her mind. Not simply friends, not only sex. She admits that she likes this guy, cares for him, loves sex with him and in some way loves him (or at least that pale shadow of love that exists in the first months of a relationship). She knows he is not threat to us, if anything she loves me even more right now. She has realised with these three experiences that she has it in her to care for more than one man without it threatening her feelings for her prime relationship. With that realisation she finds it much easier, and much more fun, to let herself go with this lover.

So we find ourselves in the unexpected position of being in the beginnings of what could become a poly. Sandy and I, with sandy having a secondary but emotionally valuable relationship as well.

I am still amazed, happy, grateful, and proud to see how she has developed from the very shy wallflower of her youth to the remarkable, confident, passionate woman she is today, and if you knew what she was like when she was young you would never have believed she could become this person. I have to pinch myself to check I'm not imagining it. With each year that passes she grows in confidence and in willingness to make the most of life. Polyamory suits her, I suspected so last year but as it turned out the guy was not a good match, I'm even more sure now. Sandy, who hates being labelled and isn't always comfortable admitting in the cold light of day what she likes, did not bat an eyelid when I suggested she had the capacity for this kind of relationship, she's admitted it to herself. Again that's unusual for her given how she still struggles sometimes with what 'society' deems acceptable. .

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I did say she is capricious!

That decision to deny me her mouth didn't last long! Heheh.

Sandy just gave me a full on, deep in her mouth, tongue on my frenum, balls being needed, finger in my ass, kneeling and looking up at me with her pretty blue eyes, cum in her mouth orgasm. My head almost exploded.

I've been cleaning up and tidying all sorts today, and apparently that and the fact that she loves me, on the spur of the moment as I got out of the shower she decided to look after me.

I'm very chilled now!

My Domme as I saw her

This is what he gets to enjoy, and I am denied. As I saw her just before leaving for work.

Screaming orgasm

That’s what I want, what I need. Im craving it something crazy. I want to slide inside my wife, her hot wetness enveloping my cock, squeezing me, feeling her body brushing against mine, her breasts against my chest. I need to fuck her so badly, cum inside her and feel her cum around me. 

Its not to be. In fact I texted her yesterday saying something like the above. Her response… ‘No! Not a chance!’

Its what she and he get.

This time last year sandy found a lover, though that didn’t end too well. Didn’t think we would be here again but she has found another. To say he turns her on is putting it mildy. She is almost continuously damp, several times a day a text from him will turn her on, or an interaction between sandy and I, usually in some way related to the lover, will do the same. We are having sex several times a week. Well sex of sorts.

Since she first started playing with him she and I had been fantasising about what it would be like. She suggested that my orgasms should be contingent on him, so my single weekly orgasm would only occur if she had made him cum that week. In person, phone sex doesn’t count. Hot fantasy, it was a fun night that night, but I later realised she was totally serious. My cock is burning, aching for release, but I know that I will only cum less often than her lover now. Its making me ache and bury myself deep in submission to her. That’s only the start.

Since she first fucked him I have been banned from being inside her pussy. She has reserved it for her lover. For now and the indefinite future her pussy belongs solely to him.

Since she first sucked him she has not sucked me. She keeps telling me how much she enjoyed going down on him, how he expected it, how it made her wet feeling his hot cock hard in her mouth. For now she refuses to take my cock in her mouth, in fact the relish, the delicious and wicked look in her eyes when she refuses, and the almost instant wetness in her panties when she refuses me is driving me crazy.

For now at least my orgasms are limited by him, only he gets to fuck her, to be sucked by her. Every time I look at her naked body I see something I lust after, something I used to be able to just take, before she became dominant. Now I see this most beautiful sexy woman who for years has been my domme, has allowed sex only on her terms and usually for her pleasure, offer to him her body, her pussy, and let him take and use her like a toy. He has now fucked her several times, gone down on her for hours, and used her however he wanted. Her mouth has been on his cock more in the last two weeks than it has on mine in the last year. He has told her to dress up for him which she has done with delight. Her vanilla and slightly submissive side has come out to play, but only with him. The more she enjoys that side of herself with him, the more she is getting off on denying me. Her excitement is being greatly increased by dwelling on how everything she willingly offers him, everything I so crave, she denies. Each time I beg to be inside her her obvious lust in saying no makes me understand, in no uncertain terms, that I am her sub and that she loves to be mean to me, it turns her on. My place is to be abused and teased, his to enjoy her charms. Needless to say I have made her cum a lot recently.

Until now. For now even that has been denied me. They are planning to get together on Monday, so for almost the last week she has not cum, saving it for him, wanting to be truly horny when he takes her. I have been banned from making her cum, or seeing her cum, although I get to pleasure her often. After Monday who knows, but she has discussed continuing it (as long as our intimacy is not affected). If the time between seeing him is too long she may masturbate, perhaps with him on the phone. I will not be allowed to see that. While I was teasing her a few nights ago she even said how it would feel if after a few months she sent me a video of her cumming with him, the first time I would have been allowed to see her cum for months. She was dripping wet when she was saying this, grinding her pussy into my hand.

Does this sound extreme? Damn right it is, it’s a roller coaster. We are so much in love its unreal, and both having a lot of fun. I am crazy horny, its almost impossible to bear, and she feeds off that. How long will the denial last? Well the single orgasm a week has always been her rule while we are in d/s mode, that could be years. The rest? The lack of pussy could easily last for the entire time she sees him, although once in a while she says she may fuck me. The blow job, and especially the lack of making her cum… That will probably be much shorter, as she says she is the boss and doesn’t like to get tied down in any way, including her own rules. She will do it until she feels like not doing it. Im guessing a week or two, perhaps up to a month or two. Who knows. Sandy is nothing if not capricious and she may decide to fuck me senseless this side of Christmas, but the odds are massively against it. In her words, its up to her, she is the boss, and as long as our intimacy does not suffer she will do what she likes for as long or short as she wants.

As she pointed out when I discussed intimacy with her, right now this game is doing the opposite, bringing us together.

One last thing. She owed me a blow job from a couple of months back, for some reason or another. She has decided that debt has been paid now, to her lover!

Friday, 18 November 2011

I know you are out there

So I'm going to be shameless and say, show yourselves. In return I might put up a picture of sandy as she looked when I left the house.



Wednesday, 16 November 2011

And so it begins

Last night Sandy was teasing me, rubbing my cock, telling me, in a very husky turned on voice, how much sex she is getting, and im not!

This morning we woke up, had a long hug in each others arms and a bit of a tease, for both of us. Lovely way to start the day.. Then...

OMG! She got up and as she started to get washed ordered me to get things ready. Ive just put fresh sheets on the bed, shaved her pussy smooth, laced her into her waspie and left the house ready for her lover to come and join her. I was told to lick her pussy and her ass to check they were smooth enough. They were, perfectly. They also tasted great, aroused and arousing. Before I left she made me kneel down, locked up my cock and as I knelt she told me she loves me on my knees. Her tone said she loves it a lot. Made my heart skip a beat!

Im a bit horny now...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's the little things

Being told by your wife to change the sheets in the morning so she can spend the day with her lover in a clean bed.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Thumpers December.

Or what happens to a subby bunny when freedom calls.

Sandy and I have taken a break from d/s for about a month and a half. This is after several months of my being her sub and orgasm restriction, in fact several years of it, with the odd break. Sandy and I have found that the odd break does us good, doing the same thing constantly takes the edge off it for us, makes it less exciting.

However my submission, her dominance, this has become a major foundation of our relationship. Orgasm denial is a feature of that. The first few weeks of the break was good, I came lots, we were vanilla together and made love the old fashioned way, and due to the pressure she was under at work we had less sex, but that was less of an issue as I did not need her to release my tension. I masturbated. This worked very well, for a while.

However after a few weeks, a month or so, this started to translate into a distance between us. I felt unnoticed, less appreciated, I wasn't getting the emotional connection I needed. Sandy also grew a bit distant, without my need binding us it was easy for us both to be tired, be lazy, eat and sleep and exist without connection. She stopped being dominant but forgot how much she enjoys it, I looked after her bit less.

We have started this aspect of our relationship again, and it's a great thing. I feel happy and fulfilled again, close to her, loved. She feels cared for, looked after. We are both enjoying the fun aspect of kink and dominance, we had forgotten how much we enjoyed it, and of course absence makes the heart grow fonder. The break was worthwhile, if perhaps a week or two too long. But there were changes, and eventually intimacy was reduced.. It's a good time to start again!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Birthday bonanza

It was my birthday not too long ago, I just turned 20! Only the odd grey hair putting the lie to that.

The night of my birthday sandy and I had sex, it was what I had asked for as a gift and she was happy to oblige. She's been rehearsing and on stage for the last month or so, so i haven't seen much of her nor had a great deal of adult time. It was what we both needed. The details are fuzzy now, but it was a hard, fast fuck. She was turned on, I was turned on, we both had not cum in over a week. Well I had by my own hand but that doesn't count, it just doesnt hit the spot.

To get to the point, we played, got turned on, I was playing with her ass and she got so into it that I ended up with my cock sliding deep in her ass, she was sitting on my lap, her ass impaled, me thrusting up into her. Her fingers were on her clit and mine on her breasts and waist as she came hard, and I came hard filling her with my cum. A good hard filthy ass fuck, the best birthday gift.

A couple weeks or so later we were playing again. Remember that at this stage we had been taking a break from our d/s lifestyle for over a month. Partly just for a change and partly lack of time. Vanilla playtime and some hot fantasies about her with another guy led to a long hard fuck. Long and hard like those first few months together, when it was all new and exciting. Since I've had a month off and been masturbating lots holding back was no issue. I do recall having her legs in the air then over my shoulders, her bare pussy deep and hot and very wet as I slid in and out. so wet in fact it was making delicious sloppy sounds as I slammed in, and even better sounds while we slowed down and just squirmed. She was moaning the most sexy moans We did eventually cum, first her, then a few minutes later me. She had another again soon after, my cum adding to her lubrication as I slid my fingers over her clit for a second lovely orgasm.

That was the last time I was inside her, I suspect it will be my last fuck for a long time. Because that's when the lover came on the scene....

Friday, 11 November 2011

Tonight and tomorrow

So much to say, to write. So little time. Sometimes though immediacy is paramount.

I am lying in bed but sleep eludes me. Tomorrow, while I'm at work, my wife will be fucking her new lover in our marital bed.

Friday, 4 November 2011

An unexpected adventure

Hokay, where do i begin? Sandy looked fantastic. We parked up in London, the party was in one of the huge old victorian houses, all chandeliers and velvet opulence. As we walked up towards it I clocked a rather beautiful woman and her husband walking down the road. Something about them made me think, ' hmmm I bet they could be guests'. Then they noticed us and I became certain as they looked at us with exactly the same thought written across their faces. Once inside I can honestly say sandy and I were crapping ourselves. Weve been to so many fetish clubs, but walking into a drawing room, dressed up in cocktail dress, knowing it's a place that you are expected to meet people and then get naked and have sex.... Odd! At a fetish club you start off half naked, somehow having to get undressed from normal clothes makes it naughtier and scarier.

Anyway got chatting to a few couples after a glass or two of champagne. Found that one or two couples had been before, old hands. The rest were all new to it and crapping themselves too which made it much easier :) after a while I spotted the couple we had seen outside, haha. I caught her eye by chance and gave her a wink. Very sexy woman! Beautiful elegant shortish dress with open back and shoulders, blond hair, beautiful face. Very slim! Got chatting to them a bit later and turned out we got on really well too.

At some point we went upstairs to the play area, basically a huge room with a massive bed in the middle. Sandy and I played a bit together at the side but the sheer number of bodies in the bed was a little off-putting. The couple also disappeared it turned out for the same reason. We ended up back in the bar and they turned up, so we we sat on the sofa chatting. It was very apparent to sandy that the woman liked me, I'm a bit of a dunce though so took me longer to clock it. I was only sure when she mentioned about her liking Greek men. Given how I look I figured I was in with a chance, lol. And indeed I did, before long I was kissing her, a very passionate and good kisser she was too, and she basically writhed around on my lap being very huggy and intimate. In fact she was a remarkably huggy woman and seemed happy never to stop kissing. I love kissing! Its probably the best bit!

After a few minutes I looked up to see if sandy was ok with what was going on, she had been chatting to the husband. They weren't there! I realised they had gone back upstairs together, lol. The tart. Blondie and I stayed downstairs playing, kissing, she gave me a lovely blow job, and I made her cum. Very squirmy and fun and easygoing, all sat on a sofa in a bar, in front of the bar staff and other drinkers. Kinda very naughty! Chatted lots too. Turned out while upstairs hubby was going down sandy and making her cum, and at one point a rather attractive blond curled up kissing my wife, her breasts pressed against her chest, her boyfriend, black and handsome, close by and just touching. I missed seeing that! Apparently she liked kissing a girl.

We played upstairs again later, this time I watched him pleasuring her, she was lying on her back arching, breasts jutting (well they are silicon enhanced, they always jutt, heheh) i was playing, teasing, pinning his wife down and edging her. She claimed not to like being teased so of course I kept teasing and backing off just as she was about to cum. By the time I tipped her over she came so hard she was crying out loud and long, a very tasty sound! She tasted delicious too! I could have stayed down all night :)

Basically we had a fantastic time. Was a cool venue with lots of attractive people there. As you'd expect I loved it, but unexpectedly sandy enjoyed it too she has never been into the idea of swinging before. She even liked the idea of me fucking another woman. We will go again.

Meantime we are taking a temporary break from d/s. Just for a change.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011