Saturday, 19 November 2011

Screaming orgasm

That’s what I want, what I need. Im craving it something crazy. I want to slide inside my wife, her hot wetness enveloping my cock, squeezing me, feeling her body brushing against mine, her breasts against my chest. I need to fuck her so badly, cum inside her and feel her cum around me. 

Its not to be. In fact I texted her yesterday saying something like the above. Her response… ‘No! Not a chance!’

Its what she and he get.

This time last year sandy found a lover, though that didn’t end too well. Didn’t think we would be here again but she has found another. To say he turns her on is putting it mildy. She is almost continuously damp, several times a day a text from him will turn her on, or an interaction between sandy and I, usually in some way related to the lover, will do the same. We are having sex several times a week. Well sex of sorts.

Since she first started playing with him she and I had been fantasising about what it would be like. She suggested that my orgasms should be contingent on him, so my single weekly orgasm would only occur if she had made him cum that week. In person, phone sex doesn’t count. Hot fantasy, it was a fun night that night, but I later realised she was totally serious. My cock is burning, aching for release, but I know that I will only cum less often than her lover now. Its making me ache and bury myself deep in submission to her. That’s only the start.

Since she first fucked him I have been banned from being inside her pussy. She has reserved it for her lover. For now and the indefinite future her pussy belongs solely to him.

Since she first sucked him she has not sucked me. She keeps telling me how much she enjoyed going down on him, how he expected it, how it made her wet feeling his hot cock hard in her mouth. For now she refuses to take my cock in her mouth, in fact the relish, the delicious and wicked look in her eyes when she refuses, and the almost instant wetness in her panties when she refuses me is driving me crazy.

For now at least my orgasms are limited by him, only he gets to fuck her, to be sucked by her. Every time I look at her naked body I see something I lust after, something I used to be able to just take, before she became dominant. Now I see this most beautiful sexy woman who for years has been my domme, has allowed sex only on her terms and usually for her pleasure, offer to him her body, her pussy, and let him take and use her like a toy. He has now fucked her several times, gone down on her for hours, and used her however he wanted. Her mouth has been on his cock more in the last two weeks than it has on mine in the last year. He has told her to dress up for him which she has done with delight. Her vanilla and slightly submissive side has come out to play, but only with him. The more she enjoys that side of herself with him, the more she is getting off on denying me. Her excitement is being greatly increased by dwelling on how everything she willingly offers him, everything I so crave, she denies. Each time I beg to be inside her her obvious lust in saying no makes me understand, in no uncertain terms, that I am her sub and that she loves to be mean to me, it turns her on. My place is to be abused and teased, his to enjoy her charms. Needless to say I have made her cum a lot recently.

Until now. For now even that has been denied me. They are planning to get together on Monday, so for almost the last week she has not cum, saving it for him, wanting to be truly horny when he takes her. I have been banned from making her cum, or seeing her cum, although I get to pleasure her often. After Monday who knows, but she has discussed continuing it (as long as our intimacy is not affected). If the time between seeing him is too long she may masturbate, perhaps with him on the phone. I will not be allowed to see that. While I was teasing her a few nights ago she even said how it would feel if after a few months she sent me a video of her cumming with him, the first time I would have been allowed to see her cum for months. She was dripping wet when she was saying this, grinding her pussy into my hand.

Does this sound extreme? Damn right it is, it’s a roller coaster. We are so much in love its unreal, and both having a lot of fun. I am crazy horny, its almost impossible to bear, and she feeds off that. How long will the denial last? Well the single orgasm a week has always been her rule while we are in d/s mode, that could be years. The rest? The lack of pussy could easily last for the entire time she sees him, although once in a while she says she may fuck me. The blow job, and especially the lack of making her cum… That will probably be much shorter, as she says she is the boss and doesn’t like to get tied down in any way, including her own rules. She will do it until she feels like not doing it. Im guessing a week or two, perhaps up to a month or two. Who knows. Sandy is nothing if not capricious and she may decide to fuck me senseless this side of Christmas, but the odds are massively against it. In her words, its up to her, she is the boss, and as long as our intimacy does not suffer she will do what she likes for as long or short as she wants.

As she pointed out when I discussed intimacy with her, right now this game is doing the opposite, bringing us together.

One last thing. She owed me a blow job from a couple of months back, for some reason or another. She has decided that debt has been paid now, to her lover!


Anonymous said...

This is a mind-blowing post! Thank you very much.

Grey Owl said...

Wow... What a great post to wrap our heads around!

Locked, teased, and denied and knowing she is getting all the pleasure she can handle from both you and mostly him. And with her 'saving' herself for his cock only.

I suspect one day you will reclaim that pussy and I can't imagine your head when that comes...

'Mind Blowing Post' is an understatement for me...


MyKey said...

I suspect I will reclaim it one day too. And I will fuck the living daylights out of her :) my head may explode.

Glad you both enjoyed the post.

bdenied said...

fucking hot very fucking hot