Friday, 4 November 2011

An unexpected adventure

Hokay, where do i begin? Sandy looked fantastic. We parked up in London, the party was in one of the huge old victorian houses, all chandeliers and velvet opulence. As we walked up towards it I clocked a rather beautiful woman and her husband walking down the road. Something about them made me think, ' hmmm I bet they could be guests'. Then they noticed us and I became certain as they looked at us with exactly the same thought written across their faces. Once inside I can honestly say sandy and I were crapping ourselves. Weve been to so many fetish clubs, but walking into a drawing room, dressed up in cocktail dress, knowing it's a place that you are expected to meet people and then get naked and have sex.... Odd! At a fetish club you start off half naked, somehow having to get undressed from normal clothes makes it naughtier and scarier.

Anyway got chatting to a few couples after a glass or two of champagne. Found that one or two couples had been before, old hands. The rest were all new to it and crapping themselves too which made it much easier :) after a while I spotted the couple we had seen outside, haha. I caught her eye by chance and gave her a wink. Very sexy woman! Beautiful elegant shortish dress with open back and shoulders, blond hair, beautiful face. Very slim! Got chatting to them a bit later and turned out we got on really well too.

At some point we went upstairs to the play area, basically a huge room with a massive bed in the middle. Sandy and I played a bit together at the side but the sheer number of bodies in the bed was a little off-putting. The couple also disappeared it turned out for the same reason. We ended up back in the bar and they turned up, so we we sat on the sofa chatting. It was very apparent to sandy that the woman liked me, I'm a bit of a dunce though so took me longer to clock it. I was only sure when she mentioned about her liking Greek men. Given how I look I figured I was in with a chance, lol. And indeed I did, before long I was kissing her, a very passionate and good kisser she was too, and she basically writhed around on my lap being very huggy and intimate. In fact she was a remarkably huggy woman and seemed happy never to stop kissing. I love kissing! Its probably the best bit!

After a few minutes I looked up to see if sandy was ok with what was going on, she had been chatting to the husband. They weren't there! I realised they had gone back upstairs together, lol. The tart. Blondie and I stayed downstairs playing, kissing, she gave me a lovely blow job, and I made her cum. Very squirmy and fun and easygoing, all sat on a sofa in a bar, in front of the bar staff and other drinkers. Kinda very naughty! Chatted lots too. Turned out while upstairs hubby was going down sandy and making her cum, and at one point a rather attractive blond curled up kissing my wife, her breasts pressed against her chest, her boyfriend, black and handsome, close by and just touching. I missed seeing that! Apparently she liked kissing a girl.

We played upstairs again later, this time I watched him pleasuring her, she was lying on her back arching, breasts jutting (well they are silicon enhanced, they always jutt, heheh) i was playing, teasing, pinning his wife down and edging her. She claimed not to like being teased so of course I kept teasing and backing off just as she was about to cum. By the time I tipped her over she came so hard she was crying out loud and long, a very tasty sound! She tasted delicious too! I could have stayed down all night :)

Basically we had a fantastic time. Was a cool venue with lots of attractive people there. As you'd expect I loved it, but unexpectedly sandy enjoyed it too she has never been into the idea of swinging before. She even liked the idea of me fucking another woman. We will go again.

Meantime we are taking a temporary break from d/s. Just for a change.


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Mistress L said...

Very hot! Sounds like it was fun.