Monday, 3 May 2004

Its happening to me...

I wrote this a long time ago when we first started experimenting with chastity. We have had a few false starts like this one, great fun at the time. Sadly they always fizzled out in the end.


Its happening to me...

I am sitting writing this while wearing a chastity belt, I have been hard most of the time of writing, remembering the events that are taking place...

I have been with my wife for some years now. We have a kinky streak in our lives, but she is still slightly vanilla and isnt yet completely comfortable with it. This makes her happy to lie back and be pleasured, even be submissive. She is however more uncomfortable with being in control. I on the other hand have (amongst many other things) been into teasing and chastity since before I met her, in fact I made one of my first home made CBs only a few months after we first met.
Over the years I have encouraged her to tease me and then not let me cum. It began gently, I would tell her how I like the feeling of being as horny as a 15 year old again. If she was tired I would pleasure her, then let her roll over and go to sleep, telling her I didnt mind and that her pleasure was more important to me than my own (which it was). After a while this began to draw her in. Eventually she quite liked teasing me for a few days, although only when asked.
A couple of years ago, after introducing her to chastity belts and letting her read a story or two from Altairboys site I ordered a Cb2000 for Christmas. This was a disaster. We tried it for 2 days at Christmas, argued, she hated the way it looked (the way I bulge out of it to be precise), and didn’t like the idea of me being submissive. She never used it again.
I talked to her more, gently persuading her that I need the feeling of a CB occasionally, that its not a submissive thing (not in her sense of the word sub), and made sure to be as nice as possible to her whenever I was being teased.
Finally this summer a cheeky game turned into my dream. One night when we were feeling playful I bet her I could come quicker than she could from a standing start. We hadn’t had sex for a few days and I was very horny, sure to win. Our holiday was 8 days away, and I suggested that the winner has to pleasure the loser tonight, doing their very best to draw it out and make it really good. That would be their last orgasm till the holiday though, and the rest of the time they would focus on the winner.
She found this amusing (she was in a good mood). We lay back and began to masturbate, I tried not to start too fast to give her a chance, as I thought I was trigger happy that night. Ha, things didn’t work out that way. Two minutes later I am only halfway there when I hear a few unmistakable moans and sighs coming from the cute blonde by my side. Rather than this turning me on I was seeing my win slip away, and began to try harder. That just made it worse and I fell further behind, my wife began to arch her back, thrusting her perky breasts in the air as her finger became a blur between her lips. She started to moan harder now, I started to get very turned on by the sight and sounds next to me, my orgasm was closer now. Suddenly she began to shake and buck in the throes of her orgasm. She later told me that having not had sex for a few days and it being that point in her cycle she was very horny, but thought it best not to tell me that when I proposed the game!
Ahh well, you win some you lose some. I wont tell you the story of our holiday here though I may write it up later if people are interested. It was a lot of fun though, and I began to see her in a new light. My efforts to persuade her that its ok to tease me and enjoy it had paid off.
On to now.
A couple of months back I ordered a neosteel sports belt with a little money I was surprised with, I had wanted one for years. I hadnt told her yet, she still wasn’t comfortable with chastity belts although she once admitted that she liked the look of the neosteel. She had seen a picture of the late Tammad in one, and what woman wouldnt like his body! I was still trying to persuade her that I really wanted her to use one with me on occasion. We had argued about sex on and off, and something I said in one argument suddenly made her realise what part of the problem was. Seeing this she seemed more determined to overcome it and let herself be enthused by things around her. I didn’t realize it then but this included chastity belts.
We didn’t have sex for a few days, I was refraining from touching myself so I could build up a good head of steam, I am sure you all know the feeling. After four days, and just before we made love, I mentioned to her that I had not cum for four days. To my surprise she just said that I wasn’t to cum tonight either and until she said otherwise it was up to her. I smiled, my cock twitched, she felt it and knew she had me. I teased her with my fingers the way she likes, talking dirty to her. What she didn’t do was touch me or hold me while I did this, 'so as not to get me close' she said. She started to get very wet, my fingers were slipping between her lips and eliciting little moans from her, sounds that penetrate my soul (not to mention my cock). I was grabbed and pulled on top of her, her hungry mouth kissing me while her hungry pussy was slowly filled by my swollen penis. Don’t you dare cum she said, and began to masturbate while I fucked her. Two minutes later she came, hard. Practically screamed out, arched, fell back with a smile on her face and pushed me unceremoniously off her. I had been seconds from coming, so it was just as well I guess...
A minute after that she pulled my hand between her legs and asked for (demanded really) a second orgasm. As you can imagine I was desperate by now. She came, I didn’t. She rolled over on to her side, pushed her arse back against my raging hard-on, wiggled it gently, I put my arm round her waist and cupped her breast (which she likes) and she said good night.
That’s where it started. The next few days got harder, literally.
She has teased me before, but usually only for a couple of days. But today, knowing how I love to curl up spoons with her at night and feel her naked bottom against me, she told me to keep my boxer shorts on all night. I jokingly immediately pulled them off. Ooops, was that ever a mistake. She told me that I wasn’t going to come for two extra weeks now (and she hadn’t decided how long the original time was to be anyway). If I didn’t pull my shorts up quick she would add another week. Looking in her eyes it was apparent that (possibly for the first time) she was utterly, frighteningly serious. Two weeks, minimum! That’s more than I thought I could handle, my shorts came up pretty quick.
We (or she) probably had sex every other day. Some days I would masturbate her, rubbing myself against her silky thighs and arse as she came and I got frustrated. One day she masturbated while I was at work, leaving her vibrator out as a little reminder of her fun and my lack.
On Thursday I got a belated birthday present. I came home to find her lying on the bed in seamed Cuban stockings, 4 inch heels, lacy black panties and bra, gyrating sensually and smiling up at me with her sparkling blue eyes (which I melt into, they light up my day every time they smile at me). She lay me back on the bed and kissed me passionately, rubbing her body across mine as she slowly undressed me. Over the next 40 minutes she sucked me, kissed me, licked me. She took me to the edge then lowered her pussy over my face and literally fucked my tongue. She was so wet I was tasting thick cream as she pressed her heat against my face. My hands were tied to the headboard and I was taken to the edge again by having her lower herself onto my engorged member with her backside facing me. Slowly she rode me until I nearly came four or five times. Still she kept her infernally low pace....
WIth my hands tied I couldn’t touch her, couldn’t caress her. Her skin feels so good, so soft and smooth and milky white, her waist narrow, her backside rounded and firm, and her small, pert, rose tipped breasts soft and inviting. If I could have torn free, believe me I would have.
Finally she lay back, draped her stockinged legs over me, one nylon clad toe teasing my mouth while her other foot massaged my balls. She pulled out her rabbit and fucked herself to an orgasm (her first of the night), then untied my arms and I gave her another.
Finally she took me to the edge once again. I thought, given this is my long promised birthday present that this was it, but... She rolled over and went to sleep with a sparkle in her eyes and a demand not to be kept awake by me snuggling up to her in the night.
Next night I masturbated her twice, then tasted her on my fingers, she pushed her bottom against my aching loins and kissed me goodnight. A couple of days later I came home and found that she had been masturbating again during the day. In our house that counts as having sex, even if I dont get to see it.
At this point I counted she had had something like 12 Orgasms since my last one. Bad odds for me hey?
That Monday she had told me that if I made it to the gym three times that week (she knew this particular week it would not be easy to do that) that she would lock me up at the weekend, although she reserved the right to how long (it was early days and she didnt want to feel pressured).
That wednesday she was out with friends. I put on my new neosteel with a view to trying it out a few hours to see if it needed adjustments (it did). I was in bed with it on when she got home early. As you can imagine my thoughts became slightly panicked, how can I hide it, I am not ready to show her yet, will she hate it or be put off by me - gulp. She pottered around the bedroom and starting taking off her clothes. My beautiful blonde wife was down to her powder blue bra and lacy thong panties, I was hard and locked up and nervous and very turned on, I had to tell her she had a little surprise waiting for her. This wasn’t meant to be, but she wasn’t about to leave the room long enough for me to take the damn thing off, heheh. I got out of bed and showed her my new toy, which to my surprise she rather liked the look of. She teased my balls a few minutes, asked if I could wear it for long (I said not yet). Finally she asked where the keys were, and when I showed her she confiscated them, laughing that I surely should have been expecting that! After I was washed and was ready for bed she unlocked me but kept the keys. Now I can lock myself in, but not get out again:)
'What will I use at the weekend' I wondered. She winked at me and said that since the neosteel wasn't ready for more than a few hours continuous use she would use the CB2000. From this I guessed that she probably intended more than a few hours lockup. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, part of me really wanted it and had hoped for this for years. Another part of me wondered whether this was wise, considering how horny I already was.
So here I am two days later, writing this. Its Sunday night, tonight I was to be let out (although I still can't cum). But since we are both tired she has decided to wait till tomorrow. 'It wouldn’t be fair to you would it' she said to me in her sweetest little girl voice, 'You have wanted this all this time, I better keep you in until I can make letting you out a bit more special'. At this point I am both incredibly turned on, but also thinking of the number of times I have heard chastised men say 'be careful what you wish for', my lovely wife seems to be enjoying this, a bit too much.
Monday night.
We curled up in bed, chatting. I love this time of the night, relaxing, comfortable, and with no cares or worries. My beautiful wife is in my arms and we are sharing our day. This time I also have something else on my mind, what she has planned. After a while talking turns to kissing, and she turns to me. She says, nervously, that she is new to this and doesn’t know what to do to make letting me out special. I suggest two possibilities. She can tease me in the belt, drive me wild with desire, then let me out and fuck me senseless (of course my two weeks isnt up yet so no cumming, but it would still be great). Or she can get her own pleasure in whatever way she likes, unlock me, and roll over and go to sleep. In other words, I gave her my sex when we married, and the CB means that she can use it to her benefit, without having to do any more.
I knew as I said it that she would go for it, I could see her eyes begin to sparkle at the thought. I was stunned, where was the shy embarrassed woman of yesterday. My dream woman lay next to me, and suddenly she was out of reach. Hell I wanted her more than I have ever done.
I kissed her, I touched her, I rubbed her sex, glistening already with her juice. I brought her to the brink of orgasm two or three times. My wife smiled a cats smile, unlocked my cage and pulled me into her. Sneaky and cheeky, she had realized that in the cage I got much less stimulation while I was pleasuring her, so she kept me in there until the last minute to 'help' me last longer once I was inside her. She rubbed her clit hard, arching her back and begged me to thrust hard into her, bucking as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. In time with my thrusts she came so hard it almost tipped me over the edge. Me? I was screaming for release. My wife? She was relaxed and post coital, she pushed me quickly off her, turned off the light and pushed her bottom against me. 'Touch me' I suggested. 'No, this is for me' she replied, and went to sleep.
A few days have passed, and my two weeks come to a close on the 20th December. After that its anyone's guess how long the original sentence was. I think she will let me out before Christmas as she likes a good hard fuck too much to go this long without it. A couple of things she has said however stay on my mind. She has pointed out that with her new rabbit she doesn’t need me in her as much, so she can wait longer. Also she wondered how I would feel if she let me out and we had great sex for a day, but then locked me back up again for an indeterminate time. 'Would you like that?' she asked sweetly, 'would that one day be enough after all this time?'.