Thursday, 30 June 2011

How to make a metal pa-5000 ring

So as promised a quick tutorial on how to convert a standard ring for a prince Albert to lock in a pa-5000 chastity tube.

First buy a horseshoe ring with a diameter that fits your cock head comfortably. The pa is under some strain when you get hard anyway, you don't want to exacerbate that with a ring that's too small for you cock when it grows hard. The gauge should be whatever You are happy wearing. My advice is not to go below 2.4mm as the smaller the gauge can cut more easily (cheesewire effect). You might get away with 1.6mm though.

Make sure that one of the balls on the end of the ring is screw on, and as large as possible. Don't get an internally threaded ring, the external ones are easier to find and stronger.

Buy or borrow a dremel. Make sure you have a grinding wheel and some cut-off wheels. Also you need a good metal vice.

Now clamp the ring in the vice tight! Make sure one of the balls is attached tight and sticking out above the vice. Use some thin card to protect the ring from the vice. This is going in your cock you do not want microabrasions on the metal that either cut you or provide a home for bacteria. What I mean is put card either side of the ring before you clamp the vice.

Starting with the grinding wheel you want to flatten off the front and back of the ball. Note that they are not parallel but slightly angled in. Make sure you do both sides evenly so you have room to grind a slot later without reaching the screw in the middle of the ball. Also be careful of the relative angle the ring comes out of the ball. That decides how steep or shallow it enters your pa. Use the plastic rings as a template!!

Use water to keep the metal cool if you need to, and keep taking it from the vice and trying in the chastity tube until it is a nice fit. It should end up deep in the lock hole with none of the ball protruding from the hole.

Now it gets a bit harder. With it in the hole turn the lock hard until it leaves a tiny mark on the flat surface of the ball. Use some ink on it if that helps. You need to know where to cut the slot for the lock.

Get your cut off wheels. Depending on thickness you may need 2-3 of them to match the thickness of the locking slot in the plastic ring. Put these on the dremel and you now have a thick wheel that can be used to grind a slot in the flat surface of the ball. Start slow, get the position right! Wear eye protection! Regularly trying the ring in the tube to make sure the slot is correrly placed, and that you don't go deeper than needed. Too deep and you will cut off the threads inside the ball. Eventually you will have a ball with two flat sides, a horizontal slot, it fits nice and snug in the tube and locks in place.

Finally smooth off any sharp edges.

During this process I found that the ball often unscrewed as I ground it. Tighten it up when you need. Once it's a bit flat you can put it against the flat top of the vice to stop further spinning. At the end tighten the ball until the slot is in the right direction to fit the pa-5000 with the ring protruding forwards. Again use the plastic ring as a template.

Last step. Cut off the other end of the horseshoe to a length you prefer. Round off the sharp edge well, this is going to go through your pa regularly it needs to be round, not square and definitely not sharp!! Maybe use a nail file to further smooth the metal until you can't feel any roughness.

Now wash it well and put it on. Hand over the key and be afraid. This baby can't easily be snapped off!

No pubic hair, ever

Well it's official. Sandy has decided she prefers me hairless and has told me to get it lasered off. After mulling the idea for a while I had kind of got attached to my manly dark hair again but it seems having experienced me bare she prefers it.

So I will be getting lasered starting last weekend.

I was not given too much of a choice :) I'm not often playing sub to her these days but at some level she still considers herself to be in charge. This is one of those occasions.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Alter egos

Pet, goddess, cad.

All names I've recently heard on the scene for alter egos, in some cases even a normal but different name will do. Which led to a discussion about power exchange in a long term relationship. Is it possible for the majority of us or does it eventually reach a level equilibrium without too much excess.

I know there are exceptions. Please don't identify this or that exception. But i ask, for most of us can it be done? I am a pretty demanding dom, but found myself wondering if the darker recesses of that persona could come out with someone I had lived with, had children with. Would pet get the best part of me while my wife would be treated with kid gloves in comparison. In other words do I need to separate myself from my life partner to be truly dominant.

Vice versa for a sub.

It's something that has me thinking now, and also wondering if I'm unusual in these thoughts, or if the alter ego is other people's way of separating themselves to help them manage this problem.

A fun evening

Spent the evening having beers with my 'friend' and her best friend. Fun, and amusing talking kink in the middle of a bar in central London. Turns out my friend is more experienced than I thought, but still very new to it all and finding her feet.

Still not sure where this is going, but having fun anyway.

In the middle of it pet texted me with a picture of my horny pussy, as I had ordered. This made me smile on so many levels. The fact that she is such a good sub, so horny and in my palm. Also it made me almost spit out my drink in amusement, being sat in a bar with a girl I'm flirting with while my desperately horny sub sends me pictures of my property. very cute wet property it was too!

Pet if you read this, thanks for bringing a smile to my face, and sorry about your frustration but hey, it works for me!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

The highlight of the evening?

I wanted to be pampered. Ordered my very horny, in fact dripping pet to prepare the shower for me, then wash my body, head to toe, and dry me. I've never enjoyed a shower so much. Just relaxing as a very needy pet caressed and washed every inch of my body thoroughly, keeping one hand on my cock when she could. I think she enjoyed herself too!

Told her she should be honoured to be allowed to wash and enjoy my body like that.

After I lay on the bed reading a while as she kissed and licked my arse.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Drink with my pet

Im at the pub with my pet and have some truly enjoyable plans for the evening.

Many of them will involve her mouth, but she won't be allowed to speak!

She's currently in the toilets edging herself for my amusement. I expect she will be a nervy wreck soon, heheh.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Prince Albert chastity update

It turns out my pa is not a quick healer. It's still not strong and needs reasonably gentle handling if it's not to get tender. Perhaps it's the presence of a previous pa that does it, or it's just me. I think it's going to need a couple of years to be properly strong.

However I really wanted to try the pa5000 and it's plastic rings are too thick a gauge for me. Also, plastic is so easy to break. Where is the security in that? So my trusty dremel and I set about converting a horseshoe ring to fit. I am currently locked in as a trial. So far I've worn it 24 hours. It's extremely comfortable except for nighttime erections that cause the sensitive piercing area a bit of stress. It will be great in a year or two.

If anyone is interested in how to make their own metal pa5000 ring please comment and I will post more on it.

Mixed up and happy

I'm Afraid my blog, what of it there us with such rare posting, is rather mixed up these days. I have a sub, the deliciously responsive mrs discontented. She brings out the wicked in me something fierce. I have my adorable wife sandy. She isn't especially dominant these days, but has flashes of it. She can best be described as a selfish hungry slut right now. And cock tease. She loves me to abuse her for her pleasure, and enjoys 'not' returning the favour. Neither sub nor Dom but kinky for sure.

At some level I am submissive to her, but only very very loosely at the moment.

I have another friend. She is pretty, fun and has the cutest accent (shes American). So far we've only kissed but given time I see adventurous and likely submissive tendencies in her. Who knows where this will lead.

So my plate is rather full these days. But I don't know if I'm coming or going, top or bottom or just plain 'perve' as mrs d says. Actually I do, I'm switching between modes very easily, but I don't know what any given week may bring.

That's all for now folks. Except for this. Mrs d if you are reading, your last orgasm is on tuesday. Better make it a good one!