Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Alter egos

Pet, goddess, cad.

All names I've recently heard on the scene for alter egos, in some cases even a normal but different name will do. Which led to a discussion about power exchange in a long term relationship. Is it possible for the majority of us or does it eventually reach a level equilibrium without too much excess.

I know there are exceptions. Please don't identify this or that exception. But i ask, for most of us can it be done? I am a pretty demanding dom, but found myself wondering if the darker recesses of that persona could come out with someone I had lived with, had children with. Would pet get the best part of me while my wife would be treated with kid gloves in comparison. In other words do I need to separate myself from my life partner to be truly dominant.

Vice versa for a sub.

It's something that has me thinking now, and also wondering if I'm unusual in these thoughts, or if the alter ego is other people's way of separating themselves to help them manage this problem.

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