Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A fun evening

Spent the evening having beers with my 'friend' and her best friend. Fun, and amusing talking kink in the middle of a bar in central London. Turns out my friend is more experienced than I thought, but still very new to it all and finding her feet.

Still not sure where this is going, but having fun anyway.

In the middle of it pet texted me with a picture of my horny pussy, as I had ordered. This made me smile on so many levels. The fact that she is such a good sub, so horny and in my palm. Also it made me almost spit out my drink in amusement, being sat in a bar with a girl I'm flirting with while my desperately horny sub sends me pictures of my property. very cute wet property it was too!

Pet if you read this, thanks for bringing a smile to my face, and sorry about your frustration but hey, it works for me!


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