Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mixed up and happy

I'm Afraid my blog, what of it there us with such rare posting, is rather mixed up these days. I have a sub, the deliciously responsive mrs discontented. She brings out the wicked in me something fierce. I have my adorable wife sandy. She isn't especially dominant these days, but has flashes of it. She can best be described as a selfish hungry slut right now. And cock tease. She loves me to abuse her for her pleasure, and enjoys 'not' returning the favour. Neither sub nor Dom but kinky for sure.

At some level I am submissive to her, but only very very loosely at the moment.

I have another friend. She is pretty, fun and has the cutest accent (shes American). So far we've only kissed but given time I see adventurous and likely submissive tendencies in her. Who knows where this will lead.

So my plate is rather full these days. But I don't know if I'm coming or going, top or bottom or just plain 'perve' as mrs d says. Actually I do, I'm switching between modes very easily, but I don't know what any given week may bring.

That's all for now folks. Except for this. Mrs d if you are reading, your last orgasm is on tuesday. Better make it a good one!


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