Saturday, 18 June 2011

Prince Albert chastity update

It turns out my pa is not a quick healer. It's still not strong and needs reasonably gentle handling if it's not to get tender. Perhaps it's the presence of a previous pa that does it, or it's just me. I think it's going to need a couple of years to be properly strong.

However I really wanted to try the pa5000 and it's plastic rings are too thick a gauge for me. Also, plastic is so easy to break. Where is the security in that? So my trusty dremel and I set about converting a horseshoe ring to fit. I am currently locked in as a trial. So far I've worn it 24 hours. It's extremely comfortable except for nighttime erections that cause the sensitive piercing area a bit of stress. It will be great in a year or two.

If anyone is interested in how to make their own metal pa5000 ring please comment and I will post more on it.


Durox said...

Amazing. Please do provide a how-to. It'd love to make my own.

the cherub said...

ok quick question why do you have 2 PA's?

I know that I went a about a year without any ring in it but it has stayed open and at the same gauge(0G).

the cherub said...

sorry that was scattered I meant to say my PA went without a ring for about a year.

MyKey said...

Hi cherub

I had a pa done a few years ago but within a week removed it as my wife didn't like it. Obviously she's changed her mind since :) there is a tiny scar and I wonder if that spot is the weak bit of my new piercing. Mine is 9 months old and my hole shrinks fast, loses a guage within 12 hours.

Hi Durox. Interesting nickname :) I will do a post with a description. Just as soon as I get unlocked and can take some photos. Watch this space.