Wednesday, 3 June 1998

The first sign of the exhibitionist

I love my wife flashing in public, one of these days I must persuade her to go for a spin in our soft-top with the top down and naked. She kind of agreed as long as its not in a built up area.

Soon after we first met when we were still shagging like rabbits we fooled around in a public park in a secluded corner. She was in a short summer dress and I had her panties in my pocket. As we walked down the path out of the park (nobody was around) I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder. Of course her skirt rose right up and her bum was exposed, her pink pussy was peeking out between her legs. A moment later a young guy comes strolling around a bend in the path and got a right eyeful. Grinned at us (I put her down quickly) and said 'nice view'. We were pissing ourselves but I know that she was also very turned on at being exposed.

These days that would be tame, but the signs were there! Note that I have dated this post with the approximate date it happened, as best I can remember. The year is about right and it was summer.