Sunday, 13 November 2011

Thumpers December.

Or what happens to a subby bunny when freedom calls.

Sandy and I have taken a break from d/s for about a month and a half. This is after several months of my being her sub and orgasm restriction, in fact several years of it, with the odd break. Sandy and I have found that the odd break does us good, doing the same thing constantly takes the edge off it for us, makes it less exciting.

However my submission, her dominance, this has become a major foundation of our relationship. Orgasm denial is a feature of that. The first few weeks of the break was good, I came lots, we were vanilla together and made love the old fashioned way, and due to the pressure she was under at work we had less sex, but that was less of an issue as I did not need her to release my tension. I masturbated. This worked very well, for a while.

However after a few weeks, a month or so, this started to translate into a distance between us. I felt unnoticed, less appreciated, I wasn't getting the emotional connection I needed. Sandy also grew a bit distant, without my need binding us it was easy for us both to be tired, be lazy, eat and sleep and exist without connection. She stopped being dominant but forgot how much she enjoys it, I looked after her bit less.

We have started this aspect of our relationship again, and it's a great thing. I feel happy and fulfilled again, close to her, loved. She feels cared for, looked after. We are both enjoying the fun aspect of kink and dominance, we had forgotten how much we enjoyed it, and of course absence makes the heart grow fonder. The break was worthwhile, if perhaps a week or two too long. But there were changes, and eventually intimacy was reduced.. It's a good time to start again!


thumper said...

Sounds like a well functioning relationship to me. Also, exactly how I hope our little break ends up!

Locked Husband said...

I totally understand what you mean. We've took a break, then went back for a handful of days, then my wife seemed to want yet another break. She's been very stressed, and that stress decreases her interest in chastity and our wife led marriage. Hoping to lock up again this week.

MyKey said...

Thumper . So do I. I'm sure it will be good!

Lh. It happens. With sandy she feels guilty because she is expecting me to be sub but giving little back, dominance or play wise. That's what makes her want a break. It comes back though!