Saturday, 6 August 2011

Am I allowed to fuck?

I had an interesting conversation with sandy today. We were thinking of going to a swingers club some friends invited us to. I mentioned that these days if a cute guy came on to her she was much more likely to play with him. She agreed. I asked if she would mind if I fucked someone while there and her response surprised me in it's strength. No. You are mine.

So there it is, I can play, I can have a sub of my own, but that ultimate act is hers alone. Even while she shares it with others herself she wouldn't want me to do the same.

She said the only pussy my cock will get to feel is hers, and then only rarely. Then she laughed.


Ps. We had a rare but long vanilla lovemaking a few days ago. We must have been fucking for a good part of an hour. Slow, loving, no haste, bodies tight entwined and beautiful. It's a long time since we did that, not even a hint of a naughty fantasy. It was delicious!


Petal said...

Interesting Dichotomy...owner, yet owned.

KaziGrrl said...

Interesting when a double standard comes back around... usually that is the man saying it to the woman!


MyKey said...

Hi petal

Yeah it's interesting but surprisingly natural. I have two sides to me, and it's easy to switch between them. Sandy seems very cool with it.

Ki kazi
Lol yeah but this double standard is partly cos she is my domme, so it's ok :)