Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vacation domination

We are spending a couple of weeks in the alps camping with the kids. Great fun so far, although I wonder if the old van will make it back to the uk, lol. 

Three nights in and sandy and I were alone in the tent for an hour sans kids. Cue playtime! It had been a good few days since we had had a chance. At first sandy said she just wanted a quick orgasm, but it very quickly became apparent to both her and me that she was in full blown cruel mean domme mode. That's what a few days off does to her! After a few minutes of kissing she started to manhandle my cock and balls, Teasing them a little but mostly smacking my balls, hard at first, then harder and harder. My already hard cock grew larger still as the ache spread through my stomach. When not smacking me she would masturbate me, wanking my hard cock, but no ordinary wank, she was digging her long nails deep into the flesh of my cock, making the tease extraordinarily painful as she moved her hand up and down. My naked body was grinding against hers in a mix of agony and pleasure, when the pain became harder to bear I would press my face against her soft breasts, sucking her nipples in deep as I moaned into her. My passion and pain, seeing me leaning in and sucking her breasts, all this brought a light to her eyes that was delicious to see. Seeing me suck her in lust and passion and desperation and pain was turning her on with the power of it making her want to hurt me all the more, which she did. 

I started to pleasure her after a while, she enjoyed this, laying back and moaning gently, but she was a little dry (not uncommon at this point) and I offered to go down on her, making her wet with my mouth. she said (I will never forget this) 'no, you would enjoy that too much, I dont want you to have so much pleasure'. My pain and denial was her aphrodisiac, her desire. 

As I played with her she started to fantasise, with no prompting, about having another man fuck her while I watch, about making me lie under her and suck her clit as he fucked her. She told me his cock would slide against my, Tongue as I licked her, and as she said this I swear she got noticeably wetter. The thought of that truly excited her. she told me he would then fuck her ass as I licked her, and when he came pull out so his cum dripped all over my face. Again she got noticeably turned on at the thought of my face covered in cum and very soon came herself, very hard, imagining my cock sliding into her cum filled ass, using her lovers cum as lube, feeling what I had been denied and still under orders not to cum, just to see what I was missing.

She had a second orgasm shortly after and after as she lay recovering I was hugging her tight, my aching desperate cock rubbing against her hip. 'I know what you are doing' she said. 'stop rubbing against me. I've touched your cock a bit, don't be greedy!' The sheer unfairness of having had two delicious orgasms herself but accusing me of being greedy for just a touch after all that pain, it drove me even deeper into subspace. The whole time my pain and denial had been the main driving factor in her play and her pleasure.

A final little humiliation. She decided to try for a third orgasm. After a couple of minutes of my teasing her soaking wet pussy she decided she didn't have one in her. 'I don't have another' she said and unceremoniously pushed me away, rolled over, pressed her butt against me and drifted off to sleep. Not a word more, no thank you, I was dismissed at her whim, my own pleasure inconsequential. 

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KaziGrrl said...

Sounds like a great playtime!! It's amazing what vacation will do :)