Monday, 24 November 2008

Dear diary ...

The tease continued another few days. I was getting to the point where i was feeling very submissive and she was feeling more and more playful. At the weekend we went to Erotica with some friends. Its a large exhibition in which you can find all sorts of toys, clothes, designers, porn. Basically lots of everything under one roof. Expensive to get in! The thing is that its often hard to find good toys, and even harder to find good fetish clothes for men. Here with so many stalls in one place I thought it was worth a visit. Last time we went was almost 10 years ago and the difference in my wife was stark. Last time she was nervous, seemed uninterested, uncomfortable with herself and the place. This time she was running from stall to stall, handling the goods, discussing which paddle would work best on me, what equipment looked like fun, trying out lubes and admiring clothes. She took me in to try on a beautiful kilt. Her eyes were sparkling and it was lovely to see, lovely to realise how far from the hard times we have come.

In fact trying on the kilt was fun, the designer, Jed, who seemed like a lovely person and very cool with it, was measuring me for fit and the kilt was sitting well below the level of my chastity belt waistband. How many places in the world can you do that and not even see a slightly raised eyebrow!

ANyway we got home with some wrist to thigh cuffs (looking forward to using them!), a beautiful waspie for my wife, a small vibrator, a serious tawse! In fact my wife tried the tawse on me when we got home and it packs a punch! Finally she can cause some real pain without her arm running out of puff. I should be scared :) MOst of it we will wrap up for christmas, but not to open in front of the parents, haha.

Saturday night we were tired but sunday we went back to bed about 11am for a couple of hours of play. I put on some porn, a freebie from the show, thinking that she wouldnt like it. She used to be pretty picky about porn. This was pretty crude stuff, a large cock and some hardcore explicit closeup fucking, sucking etc. Damned if she didnt get hugely turned on, dripping, and started fantasising about having a really large cock inside her, something she has had no interest in before. Within a few more minutes and my fingers playing her she had two men double penetrating her in her head while begging me from something in her ass. WHo was I to turn her down. Pulled her down to the end of the bed, spread her legs wide, lewdly, wetness glistening on her lips as I pushed a largish dildo, very easily, into her very hungry ass. No pain there, she sighed with pleasure as soon as the head was in, and demanded that I quickly and roughly push the rest in. We have been wondering about getting a dildo gag for me to use, so to see if we like the idea I took the end of the dildo in my mouth and thrust it in and out roughly while teasing her clit with my fingers. She went crazy, wild, loved seeing me fuck her with a dildo in my mouth, told me how good it would feel to take two men inside her and deny me, then make me lick cum from her ass afterwards! Practically begging me for it. At that moment if two men had been around they would not have been refused! She eventually came with me on my knees, one dildo in her ass being pushed in with my mouth, one in her pussy, my fingers on her clit driving her over the edge, a paralysing, immobile, mouth open, a rictus of silent pleasure.

She asked me afterwards to get some crude double penetration porn for her, heheh!

Anyway she teased me for a while then I gave her a second, quicker but equally strong orgasm while she masturbated me. We snuggled up for half an hour, relaxing, kissing, and her teasing that she wasnt going to let me cum. At that stage I think she was serious about it but we started to play again as she teased me more. I begged her to allow me inside her just as a tease, and she got on top and did exactly that. Only the feel of me inside, my hardness, the movement when she tickled me, and my raging passion (I was raining kisses on any body par within reach), it all quickly got to her. we probably fucked for half an hour, she couldnt cum while on top so she lay back and gave herself a third orgasm with me inside, with strict instructions to to cum yet. I guessed why... as soon as she came she got back on top and rode me to an intense earth shattering powerful orgasm! She knows I cum better when I can relax and she is on top. Collapsing on top of me we hugged and almost dozed for a few minutes. This is the nicest part in a way, we may have been kinky but this was pure love and ease with each other.

Heheh, then she pulled off me, slid up my body, plopped her pussy on my mouth and made me eat my cum. All of it. As my tongue worked deep inside her (and believe me she tasted and felt good) she actually started to hold my nose and push down harder on my mouth to stop me breathing. Mean bitch, she loved being so nasty. So did I! After I cleaned her out thoroughly she commented that she should do that more often as it saves her having to go to the bathroom...

I have mentioned being made to eat my cum a few times and she used to be unsure of it. In recent weeks however she seems to have taken a real shine to the idea. When she started up my body (I had already guessed it was coming) my post orgasm mentality wasnt sure I wanted it anymore. I must admit that as soon as she pressed down on me with such relish and I tasted her my misgivings went away. What a trip, great fun, and even better when she added the breathlessness twist. As one final act she rolled me over and tried the tawse out for about 10 hard swats, still post orgasm, and it hurt. She commented that the marks were lovely and I agree, the pain was sublime too.

I can honestly say that while this is one of the naughtiest and kinkiest sessions we have ever had, it is also one at the end of which we felt closer and more in love than ever before. And boy did I sleep well that night for having drained my balls!



Elle said...

I wonder if one day I'll make Boy Toy eat his cum and relish as much as your wife now does ;)

Vixen said...

Elle! That is one of my favorite things to make PC do.... Much of our 'play' involves the same conversation are you and your wife have, regarding other men/partners.

Fun post. ;)

bdenied said...

Very hot post. Isnt it nice to be out in chastity near to someone who could care less, and does not seemed shocked. I like the idea of her sitting on your face after you came inside her...something I would on occasion not mind her doing shows a lot of acceptance.

MyKey said...

Hey Elle
Well it took my wife a while to get used to the idea but she loves it now. Not sure what changed. Something tells me you would too :)

Hi Vixen
Always good to hear about your play with your hubby. Glad you enjoyed it, I did too!

Hey BD
Yes it is nice, I could do with more kink aware friends to be open around. I was surprised that she didnt make any comment though.. Have you never had Mrs BD sit on you then after you came? Im surprised.

bdenied said...

I have gone done on her, yes but does not happen often enough

Milliscent said...

A very hot post! Thank you!

MyKey said...

Hey BD
No its never enough - but thats part of denial too :)

Thanks Mistress Milliscent

bdenied said...

yes it is, I dont know why but actually some girls are shy about sitting on a face after a guy has cum in them.....I frankly think it is hot as hell......