Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Being bad at a party!

We went to a christmas party at my wife's ex boyfriends home. He is a musician and knows some very cool people. I was doing the usual male 'jeans and a t-shirt' thing but she had dressed up in a very short skirt, blouse with ribbons tieing the front together (showing skin down the front), no bra. Lots of skin showing and nipples very erect. She has very pronounced and I think heavenly nipples, like the perfect cherry topping on a creamy soft breasts.

As we left the house and walked down the steps to the car she lifted the front of her skirt to flash me, and it was all I could do not to jump her right there! She was wearing high cut nude tights with no panties on and a freshly shaved pussy. Mouthwatering. I could just imagine what the neighbours would think if they saw, shame for them they missed it. We had a great party, musos, lots of piano and drums (mostly christmas tunes being ad-libbed), some singing. Lots of christmas cheesiness.

Later in the evening as a few people left and the hardcore were left behind someone suggested a game, using an empty cornflake box. The idea is that you cut it in half and in turn people try to bend down from standing and pick it up wih their teeth, hands behind the back. As you can imagine the girls bending double look good and there were a few guys shuffling places... As the game hotted up her competitive streak and alcohol got to her and she decided to join in. By this time the cornflake packet was down to one quarter of its original height. Every time she spread her legs wide and bent over the skirt rode up, teasing but not quite displaying anything. There were other very flexible girls but only one in a short skirt, and her tights were not see-thru. Eventually the cornflake packet had been cut down to about 1 inch high and on this attempt she spread her legs into a wide split, bent right over double and got the packet... Of course this time her skirt gave up the ghost and just rose up above her hips leaving her basically totally nude from behind. She was bent mouth to the floor while a guy was sitting directly behind her. She 'claims' she had forgotten about how exposed she was, but I know she rather likes it. The look on his face was priceless! A mixture of shock, surprise and lust, poor guy didnt know what to do but look (and I cant blame him, its a lovely pussy). Next to him was another guy and he and his wife were both laughing their asses off at his reaction. It later transpired that he has never had sex (in his late thirties) and its probably the first time he has seen a sight like that in real life. He told my wifes ex the next day that he spent a very pleasant night thinking about it:)

We drove home late, 4-5am, nearing home we started talking about her being an exhibitionist and how much she likes it. We talked about how we had played in a club in public with her lover S. As we talked she started to get very turned on, her breathing changed and I could see all the signs of a very horny woman. We pulled up at some traffic lights near home and i reached over, slipped my hand beneath her skirt (not difficult) and started to tease her through her tights. She was very hot and extremely damp already. I kept up the teasing talk and playing for the last mile. By the time we pulled up on our drive her head was back and her mind was elsewhere, lost in her fantasy world and the pleasure between her legs. I couldnt help it, I love exhibiting her in public. Even though it was late and nobody could see it was still fun (there is always the possibility of exposure). A few minutes of teasing later I pushed my hand inside her hose to find her absolutely sodden, brought her to the edge of her orgasm and kept her hovering there. Some time later we went inside. By now i was ready to burst and so was she. Since she was getting off on being treated like a slut i pushed her over the back of the sofa (her skirt riding high), pulled her top up and her hose down to mid thigh, and fucked her hard right there by the front door until i came inside her. While I was fucking she was frigging herself to her own much needed orgasm, fingers a wet blur as she cried out in the throws of her own orgasm. We went to bed and fooled around some more that night, but that was the highlight for me.

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