Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lots of changes - will I ever get time to write about them?

Shock life change
  1. I no longer live in the UK, I now live in Switzerland. Hmm but my German is hella rusty! 
  2. I've started my own business. 
  3. I've been doing enough rope practice that once in a while people actually ask me for advice. Now thats truly shocking. 
  4. Sandy has found that the reason for her low sex drive is very low testosterone levels. Doctors (after months of pushing to find the right practice) have now prescribed her a hormone cocktail to stabilise her hormone levels. So far so good but its only the first 2 weeks on it.

Shock changes that have not happened
  1. We have not gone vanilla 
  2. See number 1

Things to write about, if only I find time
  1. Party on a kinky ship in Germany. Now that was fuck loads of fun!
  2. Cigarette play, the new black!
  3. Performing a floor show at a Vanilla venue with a good Domme friend.

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Anonymous said...

Please please tell about the show!!!!!!!