Thursday, 23 October 2008

The last few nights - need ideas too!

Well its been a fun few days! Excuse the prose as its an unedited braindump, I havent much time these days for writing...

Monday night my wife and I had a night in.. That morning I left for work late, about 10am. She had left the house already, I was feeling horny, and for some reason decided that the thing to do was lock myself into my chastity belt for the day. I just thought it would feel nice. We hadnt made love in a few days, we were both looking forward to monday night as a 'night in' and she had said recently that she was craving a bit of vanilla lovemaking. So I had no thought about extended T&D, just a nice feeling for the day and unlocked at the end for some innocent rumpy pumpy (I love that old fashioned phrase).

I have a tight pair of hipster jeans that I was wearing when I got home, and apparently she noticed the extra bulge soon after, she said nothing. I hadnt realised that she didnt know, slunk into bed later that night expecting to surprise her. No surprise there, we started to kiss, and her hand went straight down and started to caress my expose balls (she knows I love that feeling when locked). God it felt good, my balls were tingling, my stomach churning with lust hormones, and my cock straining against its prison. Lovely feeling. Naturally I asked her for the key, I did not think there was the slightest chance of her refusing, but she laughed and said no. I laughed too, she was teasing me surely. Pushed a bit more, doublechecked and she said no, she really didnt intend to unlock me. What she actually said was 'when do I ever unlock you quickly when you lock that on?' I suggested that since we were both hoping for some vanilla lovin' we couldnt very well do that with me locked. You can see where this is going, of course that got me nowhere. Her mercurial moods meant that since she she said that she has changed her mind and is in the mood for something much more kinky now! Not the woman I used to know a few years ago!

To cut a long story short we were fooling around and I started to pleasure her (actually she lay back after a little fooling around and demanded that I give her an orgasm). As I was teasing her she started fantasising, talking dirty, partly for my benefit but mainly for her own. Her fantasy consisted of her dreaming about bending me over and fucking me from behind wearing a strapon, while her boyfriend fucks her in the ass, after he first locked me in a chastity belt.. She came pretty damn quickly and very hard, her whole body shuddering with release and ending up so sensitive I could barely hug her without her twitching! A few minutes later she had a second equally strong orgasm. Most of this time my balls were in her hands and I was surprisingly close to the edge, not enough to cum (never have with the CB on) but enough to be shaking with lust. True to her more dominant and fun nature she gave me a passionate kiss, rolled over, nestled her lovely bottom against my cock and said she was going to sleep. To say I loved her at that moment is such an understatement!

She had told me I would be unlocked the next morning before work. When she got up for her shower though, no key. I asked her about it and with an evil teasing grin she said that she wouldnt give it to me as she knew I would play with myself, i would only get unlocked once I was in the shower myself. She seems to like the power of denial :) So I missed out on a little morning self abuse as well :(

Set me up for a lovely day at work!


We played last night as well (thursday). Got to bed and she was very tired so she was just going to give me a little tease and we were going to sleep. She started to talk dirty (entirely for my benefit), talking about how she wanted to spank me and lead me around with a collar and lead. Just a few minutes then she stopped, and as she was starting to drop off I started saying how I was going to get her back sometime. Tie her up with her ankles to her thighs, knees tied wide apart. Her favourite electrostim dildo in her ass (its big and its on full power), her hands bound to her thighs. She has been gagged, blindfold, teased to the brink of orgasm and then I leave the room.

At this point it becomes obvious that she is no longer sleep and wants to come, so my hand moves to her softly swollen pussy and starts to caress...

I send up a friend to avail himself of her however he likes. He walks in and teases her some, then puts clamps on her nipples and flips her over so she is resting of her shoulders with her ass in the air and her nipples clamped and crushed under her chest. He lubes her ass and pushes in despite her squirming and gagged protests. She doesnt even know who he is! He fucks her to his completion, using her like a slutty toy and pushing her to the brink (but not over). Her nipples are on fire, her ass burns, and her clit is demanding an orgasm which wont come!

At this point she came for real. I had just asked her wether he made her cum after he pulled out or if not what she would like to happen next, and her answer (as she came) was that he walks out leaving her with sperm dripping out of her ass for the next man to use...

We have my birthday date planned for this weekend and it will be a kinky date. I have told her that I dont want to come until then, i wanted a good head of steam and delicious desparation built up for it. Bearing that in mind she happily rolled over, snuggled her soft beautiful ass against my achingly hard manhood and... Went to sleep, again. This morning she happened to mention in passing that since our date will be femdomme and me sub, that I should not count on a release. Yes I still love her, even more now!

More to come later in the weekend. Thats where the ideas come in. If anyone reads this in time please share a few ideas as to what we can get up to, new ideas are always appreciated. If you like you could even request a pic or two.



bdenied said...

Its more fun when they wont unlock it.....Im glad she left you caged

MyKey said...

I know what you mean, the unequalness of the power balance is intensified further. I can cum and you cant even touch or feel, let alone cum... Yum.