Monday, 29 December 2008

The Christmas spanking

I bet all of you are wondering how the christmas countdown went? Heheh, cos so many of you are hanging on my every word!!

Well my God that belt think hurt!

She dressed up in a new waspie (christmas present), white shirt, and nothing on her bottom half. a sexier sight I could not imagine. I knelt down with my hands bound to my thighs kissing her lovely feet, her soft thighs and her bare pussy. After a few minutes of this she ordered me over the end of the bed where she proceeded to whip my ass with the belt, not starting slowly, straight in there. By number 10 I was wriggling around like a landed fish, by about 15 she figured out the flicking the belt back hand allows her to put a lot more power into the stroke, which she proceeded to do. By 25 my ass was on fire, my cock was aching hard and my smile was struggling to contain itself to my face. That was cheek one. The end of the belt kept flicking cheek two so it started off its turn already slightly sore. Luckily she stopped between cheeks to fondle my cock and balls from behind for a while, something I wasnt about to complain about! Cheek two was similar only slightly harder as she was getting the hang of the thing. She did back off a little for the middle strokes but wound up to some full blows for the last 8 or so. It was a burning pleasurable hell and I loved every minute of it, in fact a couple of minutes after she stopped I persuaded her to give me two more to each cheek, just for luck. Heheh. After that we went to bed, she was still a little poorly so decided she did not want to have sex, which of course meant no orgasm for me :)

For those of you that are wondering, she really enjoys spanking me. Even though she was still a bit poorly and didnt want sex she thoroughly enjoyed the spanking, loved seeing my 'cute ass' (her words) prone and squirming around. Enjoyed being mean and enjoyed my enjoyment of it. So much so that today, the 28th, after only three days without spanking me, she confessed to missing it and is planning another soon.

One final thing, the next HNT will show the aftermath.

Happy Christmas all!



Elle said...

ohhh can't wait to see it :P

bdenied said...

That was great, I loved the fact that she was able to do this, get you sexually turned on and then just administer the spanking with no sexual relief......that says to me that she does enjoy the spanking aspect and also does not mind the tease and denial and may even prefer it....

MyKey said...

She doesnt mind in the slightest making me go without these days. If it suits her (and it often does) I get to cum. If it doesnt I dont. Thats all folks. No guilt, and that lack of guilt turns me on like nothing else. I get pleasure, you dont, and I dont even care :)