Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Much more dominant

She is becoming much more dominant. Not sure where this is coming from but im not about to complain. Yesterday she said something about my having opened her eyes to the advantages, and these days she wants it for her own benefit not just mine. Its fun, and it suits her to have her way, she is enjoying being bossy whe she wants to and getting away with it. Fun but scary.

Last night she used the new whip for about 15-20 hard smacks each side, then I spent about 20 minutes on my knees massaging her feet until she fell asleep (always helps her get to sleep).

Tonight she came to bed demanding a quicky orgasm, made it clear I wasnt going to get one. She ended up having three that were so strong she was left with a dreamy smile on her face afterwards. She had made sure to edge me, and after her third just told me she was going to sleep. When I asked for an orgasm her response was a blunt 'dont ask again or it will be next week'.

She and I used to think there wasnt a dominant bone in her body, yet these days she seems to be increasingly enjoying and pushing it, and very rarely submissive! Huh?



bdenied said...

getting her off and not getting any...that's worth a beating..yours not hers

Elle said...

Sounds like fun. Really, it does! :D