Monday, 4 August 2008

Being found out part 2

Elle made a comment about being found out by family. That happened to us and I still cringe, and laugh at the events.
Yes events, plural!

First time. We were moving from a house a flat and they kindly offered to help. Our first child was a few months old and so I thought excellent, I can box up our toys, mark the box 'toys' and nobody will be the wiser. I can unpack once we get into the new home... My parents in laws however, knowing we were short on boxes decided to unpack a few and send the empty ones back to us. My wife turned up with the car, unknowingly and proudly handed me a few empty boxes, one of them marked toys! One look was all it took, I didnt know wether to piss myself laughing or be horrified. Back at the house the bags of toys had been neatly put away into a cupboard. Ow!

Second time. We were going out to a fetish club. It was winter. My wife was all dressed up and wearing a long coat over her outfit. I had my clothes in a bag ready to change later. Her parents were babysitting. As we left her mother, while looking intently at us, said that she had watched a documentary about middle class couples who go to sex clubs, and 'joked' that my wife was probably just wearing a pair of stockings under her coat. We shuffled out the door very quickly and I looked at her horrified as she laughed her head off. Her outfit? One pair of black holdups, nothing else. We still dont know if it was an off the cuff comment or she suspected.


Alison said...

With me it's very much the reverse case. I'm a good few years older than you and I don't have any parents.

As you read my blog, you'll know that my daughter is very much into things that are shall we say, more adventurous.

It's more the problem with grandchildren.

I've already had the question, "Granny! Why do you wear a corset?" which followed from the one a few years ago "Granny! Why is your waist so firm?" So they are learning, especially as you've always got some actress on TV showing how she wore a corset for her latest film.

They've also questioned, why sometimes when they sit on my lap, what they are sitting on that digs in. Your kids will ask that question.

Now that my eldest granddaughter is a teenager, she is starting to dress up and feels that she likes to show off, just like her mother and grandmother.

It's in the genes.

So who's to know what your in-laws get up to. You never know what goes on behind the net curtains.

MyKey said...

Thanks for the comment.

Haha yes we need to watch the kids. My daughter already arches her hips and sticks her bottom out just like her mother, not to mention the primping and preening. A few hearts will be broken one day I think. It is certainly in the genes.

We are already being careful about where we keep toys. Ever more so as they get older. I was a nightmare nosey child, looked everywhere for contraband, so I know how careful we will have to be.

Haha my in-laws? No chance, trust me! My father in law would stop any such foolishness quickly.

Alison said...

My daughter was like that too. As I was a single parent, she was very much aware of what I wore and had helped me get into a corset in her early teens.

Did it have an affect on her? No! Because I hope I taught her to be responsible and she certainly didn't get into any trouble that I knew of.

I found my father's porn collection under the bottom drawer of a chest. What my mother would have said I do not know? Actually, it was all very innocent with no nipples! But it was 1950s porn!

I wouldn't underestimate your in-laws. To many of my generation sex is something that is very private and personal. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a kinky edge.

MyKey said...

Yes I found my fathers collection too. Old cine film. Setting up and hiding the projector without getting caught wasn't easy!
Quality 1970s porn with nipples, and silly moustashes, red faces and great music. Happy days, heheh.

Milliscent said...

I've never felt it necessary to discuss my particular interests with relatives, but some have figured it out on their own through various means.

Thus far not a word has been said except by my sister in law who had a good many positive questions. Hopefully I sent her in the right direction.

One of our favorite party stories though is told by a friend of mine who walked into our local Seattle public playspace only to see her adult daughter hanging from a St. Andrews cross!


MyKey said...

Haha, I love that story! Only problem is that its crossed my and my wifes mind how much we would cringe if we ever found ourselves in that situation. A rapid exit would probably be in order.

Elle said...

hahaha!! Yes, I think being found out by parents or relatives will always remain a thrilling thought... And who knows what THEY do behind closed doors? After all, we hide what we do from them. Which just reminds me of the time I was visiting my parents, and was drying my hair in their room, as this is where my mom keeps her hair dryer. There was a tube of lube lying on the dresser! And me, smart ass that I am, I had to tease my mom and ask "Hey, Mom, what's that?" She blushed. LOL

I've never had any sex toys before I met Boy Toy, so there was never any danger of them being found before. However, my dad did walk in on me and an ex boyfriend of mine having sex or fooling around, once. Wow... The worse part was, I had just met the guy. I was sitting on top of him, and I just bent down on his chest and pulled the blanket over my head, while the poor guy was lying on his back and had to just stay put and listen while my dad quickly and embarassingly told us he was going out to play curling. No word was ever uttered about this after. I don't even know if my dad told my mom!

Now, I don't think I could ever invite my parents to Boy Toy's place. He loves photography and mostly does fetish/kink/glam pictures, and these are all over his walls. There is one of me. And I'm not even gonna start on the stuff that's on his computer... We cringe every time some friend of ours go on it!

The toys are pretty safely hidden though, as we receive friends all the time. It's happened a few times that a chastity device or some such naughty thing was lying around and someone showed up, but we always managed to spirit them away before anyone took notice :P