Friday, 29 August 2008

August 29, a morning tease

Last night I asked my wife for a tease. I was feeling the need for a bit of pampering. She was extremely tired and declined, but we suggested this morning if she awoke in time.

And this morning I woke to her soft hand rubbing and cupping my butt cheeks as I lay half asleep on my front. Then some teasing as her hand slipped in between and she grazed her nail against my ring, and teased my balls. This went on for the longest time until I had to turn around and grab her. No such luck, she pushed me back down and continued, but this time with one hand under me on my cock. Ahhh, sensations were wonderful.

Rolled over and she carried on, now getting me close to cumming and keeping me there. My hands were all over the parts of her I could reach, but that wasn't much as she was keeping me pinned. Suddenly she rose up, straddled me and lowered her now wet pussy to my mouth, blocking my nose and mouth totally. As she sat there I pushed my tongue deep into her, she tasted very sweet and tangy, really really sweet! Don't know what shed been eating but she tasted gooooood! She undulated on me gently as she teased me to the brink again and again. I had to keep pushing her away with my hand when I was too close, every now and then she would lift up and let me take a shuddering breath or two. Heaven!

Finally her need for a morning pee became too much and she had to get off. She kissed me and teased me a little more then got up. What a lovely way to start the day. I hope I can return the favour tonight. Still very horny! I need to cum!

I know you dirty lot, bet you though she was going to pee in me in that position! We've done that twice. I love it but I don't think I am ready for strong morning pee, and she isn't yet comfortable with me swallowing, makes her icked out. So get your minds out of the sewer!


bdenied said...

wow that was a great read. very hot and so erotic too. Love my face being sat upon and yeah I thought she was going to pee too..too bad she thinks its icky....I have had it done one time and loved it.

Elle said...

I don't know why, but I wasn't thinking she was gonna pee :P

Probably because I think it's icky, too lol

But otherwise, a very hot read.