Saturday, 30 August 2008

Last nights action

There was none, not really. But in a funny way there was. I was very horny but my wife wasn't, so we tried but she didn't fire up. Fair enough. What was odd though, she feels bad when that happens, especially given the sexual problems we have had in the past. I suggested that since I was being denied that her will was paramount and she should just say and do what she wants, and be positive about it. If that was a back rub, and quick cum, a foot massage or a kiss and cuddle before sleep its fine by me. She knows I need sexual contact and I want to trust that it will happen soon enough, when it suits her.

She asked for just a kiss and cuddle so we did, half an hour or so of kissing, making out and laughing, then sleep. Lovely, very intimate (which I crave). Funny thing is that we have tried this before but she wasn't able to get her head around her needs being important to me and believe it enough to say what she wants clearly. Last night she did and it worked

This morning we woke up gently and carried on making out ending up with a nice little tease for me. Hopefully tonight we will have sex, and I might even get to cum! Tomorrow is our last day in greece, and if I don't get to cum again then in an entire 15 day holiday I will have had only one orgasm, against her very many! I secretly hope she won't let me, its so deliciously mean :)

But don't tell her that!


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