Sunday, 15 February 2009

More of the same - how dull :)

Last night was valentines night. We went out for a lovely meal. She had a surprise card from me, and an en even more surprise bottle of perfume. She was happy to be surprised, im not normally a valentines kind of guy, but I felt like treating her extra special this year.

She wore a beautiful wraparound dress, leather knee boots, hold-ups and no panties. So i was happy :)

A delicious meal, the best part was her crispy duck salad, I couldnt stop picking at it! My own dish was pretty tasty but looking at my wife, I decided she was the most appetising thing at the table.

After going for a drive to see the surroundings we went home to bed. There she decided she wanted to be teased and edged as if she were with another man or two, being used. I was only too happy to oblige. Turnabout is fair play and I ended up on my back with her strap-on up my ass, with her bent over rubbing my cock between her breasts. I woudnt have imagined that to be possible, but hey it wss hot! Needless to say however that my orgssm was yet again spoilt. She had considered giving me a proper one but apparently when she was fucking me I had been too demanding, she had pretended to be the angry Domme (very sexy) and that was that... Personally I think its an excuse and she wasnt going to anyway.

After a long sensual afterglow she rolled over, told me to get my chastity belt and put it on. She wanted me to lock it (making me abuse myself). When I asked her how she felt she said 'powerful'. I couldnt believe that she would do that on Valentines day, but like I said she is getting more dominant.

So here I am locked and still horny, she is asleep and beautiful in my bed. Wow.


By the way about a month and a half ago I sent her the following email. I didnt think that she would act on it with such 'evil' timing.


Wanting a tease and not wanting it, so - here goes (deep breath)

sometime in the next month or two would you mind locking me up one night without warning. For a time of 1 or 2 weeks, its your choice. Its up to you how often if at all you let me out in that time. I would like lots of teasing so I dont feel forgotten. Mind you I would offer as much tea, foot massages, back rubs while you read, or any other tasks you would like to ask or demand of me :) Of course you are in charge (as always) so any tickling, spanking, face sitting or other meanness you enjoy is fine by me. We could even make love during that period, although it may be a little one way, hahah. Unless I am sore or there is some other really good reason dont let me talk you out of cutting the denial short. I might ask to swap belts every now and then for comfort. I hope you dont mind my tone, im trying not to sound demanding while getting my idea across.
One last thing, I would love it if you made me eat my cum when I do have an orgasm at the end, especially if its inside you!

If you are ok with this please put it in your diary so it doesnt get forgotten, and lock me up on that day come what may. I dont want to know when, happy to have a nasty surprise!

If you dont want to do it I really do understand, its your choice entirely.


Elle said...

Not a valentine kinda guy, eh? Neither is Boy Toy. Well, neither am I, really, but it IS fun to be spoiled. I'm sure your wife loved the evening :)

bdenied said...

isnt it nice to have such a beautiful accomadating wife who is not afraid to help you live out your fantasies...cudos to you both for not being afraid...oh yeah and it was perfect day to do that too

MyKey said...

Hi Elle

Not usually, but it is fun to spoil sometimes isnt it.

Hey BD
I am pretty lucky, a few years ago I thought this would never happen. I am surprised at how after all these years she has suddenly embraced it and is having so much fun!

Tiggs said...

Yummy! Such a totally different take on this spanking kink from what I usually read everywhere else. Makes my Domme side step up and take notice. Dante's going to be very sorry that I found my way over here, lol!


MyKey said...

Hi Tiggs

Ive been waiting to hear about your turnabout for a while. Have fun, and give Dante hell ;)

Thanks for your lovely comment!