Saturday, 28 February 2009


Tonight we watched ER. I am back from my business trip and we have not had a chance to play, buy tonight we came to bed early and had a nice cuddle. The first day I was back sandy was very vanilla, very much I have my friend back and very lovey. A day of two later and her domme is back on the surface. So as we snuggled she demanded a foot massage, and since I was enjoying the body contact I took too long getting to it. End result she used a riding crop, a real one not a toned down fetish one, hard, about twenty strikes to my arse. I had to seriously beg her to stop, of course I got an extra couple even after that! A proper punishment.

Then she watched ER while I massaged her feet. She watched the while thing, and still insisted on a few more minutes after it had finished. 50 minute foot massage and not a bit of guilt. I am feeling awfully submissive now, especially as she admitted that she doesn't think she could give up the control anymore. I don't think there is any going back even if I wanted it...

She read thumper's story Montreal, which she liked. She especially enjoyed the nasty and humiliating aspects of it. When I asked her if she thought she would like a collar for me she plainly said yes. Wow, never thought that was in her.

Unsurprisingly with our relationship becoming so Domme/sub, my own dominant side isn't getting any real airtime, and she has no intention of swapping roles again. The monster is growing! Sandy has graciously agreed to let me look for a sub outside of our relationship, albeit for now just cyber with a view to maybe more in the future. I pity the poor girl, she won't know what hit her!

Fun! Not sure how soon I will get around to it though.

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