Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'm cracking up!

In future I will refer to my wife as sandy, a nickname based on how she looks when she has been in the sun for a while, I call her sand monkey as her face gets so covered in freckles she looks like a dirty little monkey that's been scrabbling in the sand.

Yesterday (saturday now) we had guests, but all day sandy and I were flirting, kissing, hugging, I kept falling for her gorgeousness, holding her tight. She kept grabbing me, my arse, my waist. At one point she whispered in my ear, right next to her mother, that she was tempted to send me away without cumming. I'm going away on business for a few days, and was really hoping and thinking she would let me cum before I went. Its got to the point that I am so horny for a proper orgasm that I really want to cum, orgasm denial has for the first time ever gone so far I actually want her to stop and give me a decent cum! She has other ideas it seems, and again I am stunned by how my ex- vanilla, slightly sub wife has changed deeply and completely. She is really really getting off on being so mean, relishing my frustration. Her eyes are sparkling with love and mischief that used to be reserved only for food and skiing. In fact she now knows I have gone past the point of wanting, really wanting to cum, and it seems to have made her enjoy it all the more. Anyway we flirted all day but bed time was very late and we slept.

This morning we woke before the kids, unusual, and had time to play. She read a post by long distance sub about being exhibited, and that resulted in my pleasuring her to the fantasy of her masturbating in front of a crowd, legs spread lewd and wide. She came harder than she had for ages.

My turn and she had me on edge in seconds. She made it clear I wasn't to cum until she told me I could, if I did I would be sent away locked up. As she teased she also admitted that she hoped the kids would wake up and interrupt us, now that she had had her cum. Bitch! Eventually she climbed on top, rested her still wet pussy on my balls and teased me ever so slowly to the edge, just by scratching at my Frenum, and said I could let go. I came like a rocket, ooh wait I didn't. I would have only she let go of my cock leaving the only stimulation her hot puss grinding on my balls. Aaaaaaahhh.

And apparently she claims she is being nice, just because I am not locked.

I am so close to throwing her to the bed and raping her, but of course she would never allow that :) and the sub in me just keeps growing. I feel like the body snatchers have stolen my sandy and replaced her with an evil twin, only she clearly loves me more now than ever, and that's a lot! How could she not have even suspected she had this in her, she used to insist she had not got a dominant bone in her body. She commented a few days ago about the heartache we would have avoided had we known this sooner.

So she tells me that when I return I am back in lock down until the weekend. I hope I get to cum then!

We that was a much longer post than i expected...


MyKey said...

back from the trip now. Caught a tummy bug on the last day so the lockup has been delayed aday or so.. M

bdenied said...

My friend if you are having trouble with this would you like me to take your place.....this lovely creature could keep me on the edge for a lifetime.....I always feel a let down when my lovely bride finally allows me to come...its like being on an exciting journey and having to arrive at the boring destination

Elle said...

Sounds like Sandy's really blossoming, good for you guys!

Vixen said...

She's become quiet good at this, no? ;)

MyKey said...

BD, i am having trouble, but its what I wanted for so long, and I still prefer her control to the release. In her hands I remain, where I am happiest. Still I hope for a cum. I know the journey wont be over after the 'boring destination', though I know exactly what you mean. I know it wont be over because I am so desparate that within an hour or two I will be back where I started!

Elle - a heartfelt thank you!

Vixen, yes she is! Better make sure you and she never swap tips or we, the men, will be in even more trouble :)