Saturday, 14 February 2009

Random post

A quick update written on the train. These days work is a nightmare, busy and problematic. I hardly get time to write let alone edit what I have written.

I don't really know what to write today, but i need to. My wife's dominance is still growing, in a very playful way. She loves that I am her toy and will do as she asks immediately. I give her a foot message every other night as she falls asleep, it helps her sleep. The other night she asked for one when I had a cold. Asked not demanded, but asked anyway. It was my pleasure! She demands much more practical help too. She isnt excessive, but she does like her own way.

In the last month I haven't cum properly, merely twice at work and two spoiled orgasms at her hand. She is really enjoying being so mean while she cums lots, and there is no sign of an end. For my part i feel like her 'in love' toy, her knight, her submissive lover. I don't think we will ever swap roles again permanently, now that she has allowed herself to let go she has fallen in to this dominant role so easily that it amazes me we ever thought she was a sub. She now swaps roles for sex sometimes, and loves it, but less often.

Last night we played again. I wanted to start with a long cuddle but she, yes my old vanilla wife, was itching to get on! A short cuddle later I was tied with my arms to my chest, feet together, flipped onto my front where she proceeded to tease and whip me, mostly whip. She used all 'her' implements, paddles, tawse and riding crop. After a long warmup during which I was wriggling like a mad thing she asked if I had had enough... I hadn't, but she hadn't either and really wanted to let rip. Once I told her to feel free and that I was fine with that, she tanned my ass so completely a couple of times I had to beg her to stop; which she took her time doing:)

She taunted me with the body I couldn't touch.

And the look on her face was of such enjoyment it was sublime!

When she decided it was time for her to cum she sat on my chest, my hands on her waist and ass, allowed me to nuzzle her heart stopping butt, and gave me the mother of all spoiled orgasms. I was so out of control I kept trying to touch myself, finish it properly. With her sat on me she made damn sure I didnt. The mental frustration is incredible.

She lay back for her own pleasure, one strong and two weaker ones that left her very content, satisfied. She looked like the cat that got the cream, happy with her cum, and very happy that it was at my expense, that she was so mean to me.

'Its such Fun!' She said, and it was!


ritemate said...

You’re so lucky to have a Wife who really enjoys being dominant! However I think you’re disappointingly disobedient by jacking of at work, your lovely Wife should do something about it.

Elle said...

That does sound fun indeed :)

MyKey said...

Hi ritemate. Thanks for the comment, I am lucky! She told me to jack off at work. It entertains her to make me do it there, she knows I am so busy that my mind is elsewhere, she isnt with me, and its no fun.

Hi Elle, glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

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