Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Another visit, another cuck fantasy and possibility

She went out to visit him tonight. Again no intention of playing but who knows. We did play a submissive game beforehand. I dressed her in pretty nylons, knee length skirt and a gorgeous top that shows a lot of cleavage. She made me do this almost naked, just wearing tight boxers as she admired my ass. I was told to stay kneeling while she finished getting dressed and massaged her feet for a short while. She then ordered me to kiss her feet. It seems this was getting her in the mood.

After I was allowed to stand she asked, 'so how are you going to stop yourself touching yourself while I am out?'. I offered to wear my neosteel chastity belt, which brought a big smile to her face. She smiled even more when she saw the look on my face as I realised that she was serious. She said she liked to have the control over me. After putting it on she clicked the lock and made me kneel and kiss her feet again. She admitted that she was very tingly down below!

So She is out, i'm home with a list of tasks to complete and orders to massage her feet when she gets back, wondering if anything is happening. Even if nothing does this is a fun game!

These were taken before she left.


Anonymous said...

Whoa... very nice... It must have been so exciting to hear the "click" of the lock, wow! :)

Florida Dom said...

So how tough it is for you to imagine another man playing with her sexy body while you are locked up. Wow, she is a babe with a body that must be so nice to fondle and fuck. Hope she posts more pictures.


The Above Average Gatsby said...

She looks absolutely delectable. If ever you need another hand lended ...

Milliscent said...

Dressing one's lady for her 'dates' can be such an intense and intimate time. I hope that you both had a great time with it!