Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Update on last night

A quick update... I am sat here writing having finished tidying up the house. She had me kiss her feet before I started on my chores and now she is chatting on the phone to her new friend. I did have to remind her I was her sub though, she wanted to chat to him but also wanted to look after me, I reminded her that she was the boss and while i appreciate the thought she should do what pleases her the most. It seems that included me kissing her feet (which is cool!)

So last night she turned up there in the cute clothes we had picked out. They didnt stay on for long! They played for a good two hours before she got home. Most of it I was cool but the last half an hour I was almost a bit worried. No need to be, she was home soon after 11 acting very nonchalant. I thought nothing had happened and she had done what she intended and chatted, until she noticed my horniness and admitted she was too, because they had been playing. My cock sprang up at that!

Ive still not technically been cuckolded (only because they didnt have a condom, she wanted to!) but they certainly had fun. He couldnt make her cum though so I had a very horny wife on my hands who needed my touch. Boy did she need it bad, she had two monster orgasms! As I touched her and looked at her delectable body spread in front of me it really hit me that another man had just seen the same sight. That really brings it home! After her own orgasms she still wouldnt let me cum, was in fact very strict about it and threatened to lock me back up for the whole night if I even asked. She fell asleep with me massaging her feet.

In case you are wondering our emotions are being affected in a very positive way. We are feeling even more in love than we have been recently, her face melts every time she sees me. In a funny way playing with him reminds her quite how much she appreciates me, and it has the same effect on me. Take heed kids, extra-marital sex is the key to happy marriages ;) Its also making her more in touch with her inner domme, and i'm bubbling over with submissive feelings. Not surprising when she loved thinking of me locked up at home while he had his fingers inside her, and I was so desperate to touch myself but in my mistresses steel embrace.


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