Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Some text messages

Today Sandy and I had a string of text messages. She is going away on a girly weekend soon and I suggested she lock me before she leave. Her response, and onwards are below

MayB leave a safe key in case u need it (mayB with Him?!)

haha! That would require an emergency! U R only allowed to do that if youve played with him.

Red rag 2 bull!

Really? I thought u werent sure?

Im not but if u say that u r asking 4 trouble!

Im saying it!

So u want 2 have 2 go and get key from him? and u want me 2 play with him?

I want u to play with him, god yes! But I dont want to have to get key would be embarrassing so it would have to be an emergency to make me do it.

do u think id be that mean 2 put u in that position?

Not for the main key but yes for the emergency one. Am I right?

Not sure but if I had conversation w him and he understood then mayB x

Lol! Not for a while then...

By that time apparently she was soaking wet (she doesnt get very wet easily or often). Apparently when she went to the ladies she was dripping! I think she likes this game :)

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S said...

Oh damn! By the time I was done reading those texts, I was completely hard! How uncomfortable would it be to go to the other man and get a key to unlock yourself! Leaves you in a very vulnerable position! But in a way, very hot, too.