Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Peeing with a PA

So I was asked about peeing with the PA. I confess it was of concern to me as well. First off read this article about the (few) medical problems with this piercing that was originally linked by Tom which I found of interest, in the British Medical Journal. It states that relatively few men (25%) have changes in urinary flow. Of these the common seem to be either a little dripping from the extra hole or the stream running wild because of the ring.

This is my opinion on the matter.

The first isnt a problem, just cover the hole with your finger.

The second is, I think, because the flow follows the curve of the ring and shoots right back at ya. I find mine only follows it a short way then breaks off and goes into the toilet. I think it better when you are pissing with some force as at the end of your visit when it slows it can roll around a bit further and drip down. However make sure the ball isn't near where the flow is or it breaks the whole stream up into an uncontrollable spray. Rotate it so the ball is right below your cock near the piercing hole.

I think I could use a urinal although I would stand that bit closer and with my legs apart just in case those drops got to me. More likely though I will once healed change the whole thing for a banana bar which I suspect will have less of a problem. I must caveat this, ive not tried it standing yet as i'm not healed enough so i am guessing based on how it flows when i am sat down.

Hope this helps!

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thumper said...

I've found that the type of jewelry affects this greatly. Rings tent to make things messier. Also, as you point out, gentle pressure around the piercing lessens the leaking.