Monday, 27 September 2010

and after the call

So there she lies having finished the call, turns to me (i'm almost asleep) with a slightly naughty expression and says that he has bought condoms. It took a moment to register that she was saying the next time they meet she is going to fuck him. Oh my god, i woke up quick. Jury isnt out anymore, she has decided, they have obviously discussed it, and she wants it. She really wants it, i started to side my finger along her slit from behind and she pressed her backside out to spread herself and meet my fingers. Her lips parted and I swear a wave of her wetness washed over me. She must have got very horny thinking of what was going to happen. She pressed herself harder against my fingers as it became apparent that she needed to cum.

Five minutes later she was lying on her front, her naked ass pouting off the bed and my two fingers from one hand pressing into her, rubbing her g-spot. Another finger in her ass, teasing her deeply. Her own hand rubbing her clit furiously two two orgasms. Watching her beautiful ass raised off the bed, squirming and grinding into me, knowing what she was thinking about had me extremely turned on, barely able to resist fucking her myself (I knew I wouldnt be allowed).

Of course I wasnt allowed to cum afterwards, I asked and she just laughed then ordered me not to ask again. She is really loving the disparity of having more orgasms, more sex, even sex with another man, and still allowing me a meagre one cum a week.


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heelsnstocking said...

Oh my god! So sexy, so intense, so pitterful!

You will enjoy your release even more knowing she has been fucked.