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A review of Dystopian Longings

Mistress Milliscent has recently published a book titled Dystopian Longings. I bought a copy to have a little late night read. I finished it the same night (damn the early morning after). Yes i rather enjoyed it!

Ok I admit I rather enjoyed it a lot. I may possibly have had my hand below the covers though you cant prove a thing! Thank god the iPhone can be used one handed. Naturally I didn't cum, neither my wife nor the dominant characters in the book would have approved :) It is for the most part extreme femdomme. How far could you take it, what would that look like, feel like. I found myself turned on sometimes and uncomfortable other times, it had me questioning how far I personally would want to go and where the line is drawn between consensual and non. Some was simply hot, but always edgy. Why am I enjoying this, would I really want to experience this? It makes you think.

I came to my own conclusions about how some of the themes relate to me. Have a read. You may get off on it, and it may even make you think. Be warned it's very kinky! You can get a copy here if you like.

We also got chatting and I ended up asking a few questions which I've shared below. Incidentally I've really enjoyed chatting, she is a very interesting and very friendly lady.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the emails from Dru are my favourite part of the book. She seems to relish her dominant position and her mean streak yet be loving with it. I hope Sandy never gets that dominant though! Scary.

Did you enjoy writing the book?

I had a marvelous time writing the book. It happened over the course of last winter and spring, for whatever reason I was very drawn to writing and I put down a great deal of material in a short period of time. Imagination overdrive is perhaps the only way I can explain it.

Additionally though, since the stories were not destined for the blog I was able to take plenty of time editing and perfecting them. That is a luxury denied me when blogging, in that format I must go straight from first draft to publishing due to time constraints.

Which is your favourite story, whats the appeal?

My favorite story in the collection is "Death On My Own Terms."

I certainly have no objection to porn for porn's sake, indeed I love great porn. I don't however look at my own writing in that way. I try to use my erotica to communicate truths fundamental to us as people. While my writing is extremely erotic, porn if you will, I think that behind it there is more.

Without a doubt that 'more' exists within "Death On My Own Terms." There is a huge debate right now within the United States over whether or not physician assisted suicide is moral, and if it should be legal. This issue is even larger in my home state of Washington as the voters have recently decided that yes, it is legal and yes, it is moral.

I agree with that view. I watched a family member die, very slowly, as doctors did everything they could to keep him alive for as long as possible despite the fact that he was in extreme pain and had no hope of recovery. It was a horrible death, and one he certainly did not want. There needed to be another way, but at that time, for him, no other way was allowed under our laws.

Our creator grants us the absolute right to use our bodies as we see fit without interference from the state provided that we do no harm to anyone else. This most certainly extends to the right to end our lives when we are ill, in pain, and have no chance of recovery. I believe that "Death On My Own Terms" communicates that fundamental truth well.

I also greatly enjoy the stories written as email messages from dominant wife to submissive husband. They are 'written' by Dru, and I adore her 'voice,' the happy way in which she communicates extreme desires to her husband.

If you had to live one of those lives, which would it be?

Due to the way I have structured my life, I get to live female domination in a way that very few people are ever able. Every single day is a femdom day at my house. As a result, I guess that I see a good deal of myself in each of the dominant characters in my stories.

If I had to choose though, I guess that I would most identify with Dru, the dominant character in the stories written as email messages. Like her, I love to laugh and smile while doing the most horrible things to those who choose to suffer under my heels.

Which famous person would you most want to have in your palm and what
would you do with them?

I was asked this question once before, many years ago. The specific person has changed, but my answer has not.

The President of the United States. Female domination is power exchange. The greater power a submissive possesses, the greater the exchange of power, and hence the excitement is. There would be no pleasure in dominating someone who possessed no personal gifts or personal power, pleasure comes from dominating someone who possesses wonderful qualities, gifts, successes, and chooses to become submissive.

As for what I would do with him, alas that is an unanswerable question. A great female dominated encounter or relationship comes about when both partners' interests are understood and those areas where they mesh are used to push the encounter or relationship forward. I don't think that excitement can be built within a dominatrix unless she understands her submissive and his desires, exploiting those for their mutual pleasure.

If you could sneak one real life individual in to live out one of your stories (think through the looking glass), would you do it, who, which etc?

Someone else has said that my stories take female domination to its logical and extreme conclusion. I think that is correct. If a relationship is pursued on a strictly female dominated basis, given enough
time, it could certainly end up in a place similar to what is described within the stories contained in Dystopian Longings.

Like Alice, through the looking glass, I would choose the story entitled "The Slave." It is, I think, the logical conclusion.

I don't know of a specific individual that I would pull into it, but I know his traits. He would adore me. He would adore the suffering he was forced to live through for me. He would respond to everything I did to him, I would witness his suffering with all of my senses. Lastly, he would obey, absolutely, everything, every time.

Does the senator look like you :)

In my minds eye she does not. She has longer hair. Perhaps our asses look the same though. The Senator has a world-class ass, and I've been told that my own is right there with the best of them.

The Senator and I do share an intense interest in politics, and a hatred for the hypocrisy displayed by members of the Religious Right.

Is there a sequel, can you tease us with it?

Book two will be out soon. Like Dystopian Longings it is a collection of flash fiction. I think that readers who enjoyed my first book will enjoy the second as well in that it is a continuation of the themes introduced before. Activities change from story to story, book to book, and ultimately the activities are that we as readers are after when engaged in late night, one handed reading.

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