Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cuckolding update

A quick update from last night...

As I suspected her resolve did not entirely hold out. She came home fairly early and gave me a big big hug, saying she was glad to be back. I think she missed me, good to know I'm still her first love :)

Apparently very soon after getting in the door he had her stripped naked, very much liking what he saw. He doesn't believe she is 40, thinks she looks much younger (she does, at least 10 years). They fooled around, oral and playing, she started slow but apparently got turned on when he started to get turned on. And he is thick which i think she is a little scared of!

In my mind the thought of her standing naked in front of him was a real turn on!

She didn't fuck him. She stuck to her guns on that, which I think is the right thing to do. Take it a bit slower as she was feeling a touch pressured. She says while it was fun it also felt strange. New and scary, thinking how he could easily overpower her. Etc. This is normal I'm sure, and she does take a little while to get used to new things at the best of times. She doesnt know if she wants to do it again but she is still processing it. 50-50 is my guess.

I must say I am a touch relieved. For a start there is the usual worry I might have of her falling for him, no chance of that she says now she knows him better. Then the speed is was happening felt to me a bit fast for her. Finally he doesn't seem to fully understand the dynamic of an open marriage. Says things like if he had her he wouldn't share, and similar comments that made him feel a tad possessive and too emotionally involved to me. He was surprised she had told me where she was going. Some of this is real but offset by knowing that he isn't enough her type to be a threat to our marriage. But this came out after she got home.

On to the fun stuff. She was turned on and loved being naughty with another man. She liked being naked and being touched. She liked playing with his cock. If she does it again she will be much more into it I predict. She came home and was very shy about telling me about it, but as I played with her still wet slit she lay her head back and told me more as her arousal grew. Removed from the situation and relaxed in a safe haven she could enjoy it more fully. I gave her a very very strong orgasm as she imagined walking naked into his flat, bending over his sofa and being fucked hard and stretched by him next time. As she fantasises I made her admit she wanted to do it next time, and she kept saying 'if you want me to' in that hot please give me your blessing sort of way. Of course I said yes and made her admit she wanted him inside her as she came. A long orgasm that wracked her body and made her writhe off the bed.

I won't hold her to it of course, even if I could. It's her choice. But it was a hot end to the night and helped her feel safe, loved and less unsure of herself. As for me of course I didn't get to cum. I'm only allowed one a week and only at the weekend. On this she is strict. Fooling with another man apparently does not soften her stance at all. :)

Overall I'd give it a 6. A decent start, not too bad but not perfect either. Fun though which is the most important, and no sign of anything that should worry us as a couple.

No pics I'm afraid. They are not the kind of quality I like to put on the blog. The photo that is not the subject of it! Suffice to say she looks good and you can see much better pics of her elsewhere on here.


Grey Owl said...

Wow... thanks for sharing! I hope the experience titillates the both of you for a long time to "come". Bravo! My only concern is the same as yours... his possessive comments, since I've "been there, done that" on the gentleman side. I would prefer much more to be in your position.

Bravo... again, thanks for sharing!

heelsnstocking said...

Not sure how or why but I am so aroused by reading that. Especially as you played with her while you asked her about it, it felt like you both switched roles a moment

MyKey said...

Hi grey owl

Glad you enjoyed. We are, it is indeed titillating. Let's see what happens regarding the possessiveness. I do suspect he wants more than she/we are willing to give but hopefully he will twig soon and relax a bit.
Thanks for reading

Hi heels
Yes I was in charge for a while, good point. It happens quite often when she gets turned on that my Dom side and her slutty and slightly sub side come to meet. She likes the idea of being used for sex, but only in fantasy. In reality she is I think too dominant to do it.

Of course after she cums she is back in control, poor horny cock gets denied.

Elle said...

Ah but you make it seem so tempting ;)

MyKey said...

Hi Elle. It is tempting, you would love this play I think.


Anonymous said...

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