Friday, 17 September 2010

Thoughts on the new dynamic

Sandy and I are enjoying this cuckold play immensely. She is enjoying the flirt, and slowly getting used to the idea that to go through with it might be good, not too scary and not harmful to us. My lack of jealousy and amused enjoyment of it is helping her relax. We have talked enough for her to have a chance at analyzing what she wants and what it may lead to. What she wants is a long term fun friendship, with flirtation and perhaps some sex benefits. She likes the idea of having him inside her, but is still very shy about it.

Its become apparent to her that he isn't enough of her type to risk her falling for him. Since she got to know that about him she has become much more relaxed about it, she no longer feels that its a big risk to her family. Ironically I think he may need his emotions protected from her more than the other way around, he seems quite taken with her! He likes that she is intelligent and good to talk to as well as being fun and naughty, a rare combination in his life he says. She likes his fun nature and gets turned on by him.

Funnily enough she had said nothing about her dominance or my submission. He doesn't seem to know enough about s/m relationships that she thinks he may get the wrong idea about me. I think she is right, he would have a surprise when he met me! I don't come across the type that would allow myself to be told what to do or be limited to one cum a week. At one point when he guessed she might be a bit dominant he said to her, well take charge then. Her response was to say its not that easy she needs to get in his head first. Of course what she meant is good dominance is about the mind and she doesn't know him well enough yet, but he took it to mean that he likes her and said she is already in his head.

He is rather good in bed, better than the last guy she played with in our threesome some years ago, and that guy was experienced. She enjoyed what he was doing to her. I jokingly asked if he was better than me and she jokingly said she would never tell. She then admitted that she thinks he may be better at some things and less at others. Time will tell. She was worried if I would mind but I don't, she isn't everything to me, doesn't meet every of my needs perfectly, why should I think otherwise of myself. Quite the opposite I know that some things I do very well but I suspect she would enjoy different techniques too. I admit if he was better in most ways I would struggle with that, but call me arrogant if you will, I'm considered pretty good in bed so hopefully that won't happen :) I do know that if she fucks him he will get a hell of a lot more pussy than I do, but just typing that made me hard so it's all good. She loves it too, denying me while knowing she may one day be fucking him. In fact she also knew that I loved making her cum that night knowing I wasn't the first to touch her, I think she got off on it too.

She thinks its 50:50 if she will fuck him. That's good odds if you know her, not only is she reserved, but as she said to him,
I am very good looking and fun to be with, for her, she is not often attracted to another man now she has me. So he should be flattered that she is going for it with him. I realise that comes across like I am blowing my own trumpet but its what she says, crazy kid, personally I think I am the lucky one having her.


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Wow, thanks for the nice update. Great how your unjealous manner is helping Her relax with this. Best wishes to you...sounds very exciting!