Thursday, 2 September 2010

pa-5000 first review

I decided to try it before I get pierced. If it's obviously uncomfortable I won't bother investing time and hope into it.

So far I'm very impressed. I've had it on two nights and two days consecutively. It's been extremely comfortable, barely know it's there. I can cycle with it with no change to the seat position or riding style. This is even in a racing position. At night I've not been woken by it at all, unlike trapped ball devices. When waking with a hard on, especially a night time ultra solid one, I find it slightly uncomfortable. This is due to it compressing a ring around my cock, my head swells out the end and skin out of the sides. It's not enough to wake me though.

I wonder if oedema might be a problem. This morning when it was at it's worst I took it off to see, but within 10 minutes the cock was back to normal, no residual swelling left. Long term remains to be seen but I'm hopeful. Worst case is I go up a size but since I'm a grower that would make it too loose when soft.

Security is hard to tell. The head is free so you can touch yourself, but close to orgasm when I swell up to the max it gets painful enough to put me off. I could cum in it by only when horny and it would not be very satisfying I think. This is without the piercing ring. The ring will draw my frenum closer to the cage, and this is my sweet spot. Without being able to touch that I think cumming will be harder still, though I suspect not impossible. Rubbing your shaft is useless as the device clamps on once you are erect. So it's very comfortable and impossible to escape from without breaking the device. You can cum but I think rarely and they won't be too pleasant. Certainly no fucking.

On the plus side enough cock is exposed for mistress to tease me and enjoy the feel of her cock without removing it. For her this is a 'Good Thing'!

I like it a lot so far. Won't know how the piercing affects it for months though, as it will need to heal and stretch to take the thick gauge rings.

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