Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sandy's thoughts

Sandy's thoughts on the recent changes have surprised me. She asked me how I would feel if she played while I was traveling with work. She liked the idea of it (as long as she wasn't worried about her emotions). She asked if I would mind if it was done at home, and if I would want to meet him. Questions that surprise me because they show how much more comfortable she has become with the idea of an open marriage.

I asked her about that and she agreed that she was much happier about opening up and less worried and more keen to just enjoy life. She still isn't sure she will go for it but it seems increasingly likely. Part of her doesn't want to, part does, and part wants to draw it out and savour the lead up to it.

She has reiterated that she is happy for me to find a sub of my own, though I am not allowed to fuck her for now.

Its a huge change over the space of only three or four months. Her decision three years ago to chill and embrace life more completely still has the capacity to surprise me.


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Milliscent said...

I hope that your open marriage experiments (assuming it gets to that point) are all positive for you both.

My own experience is that it was quite difficult for us when we began, but it got easier with time as we grew comfortable with it. Now I think that we both view it in a completely positive way. Whatever negatives there were have been far outweighed by the benefits.