Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Is she cuckolding me tonight?

I haven't discussed this on the blog yet but my good wife Sandy has met a guy recently who has absolutely taken her fancy. He is cute apparently, dark skinned, and cheeky. They have been text flirting for a while but recently its stepped up a big notch or two! In fact at one point she asked me if I thought he was being more than friendly... I laughed, poor innocent Sandy, it was obvious a mile off he wanted into her panties (a black thong in case you were wondering, guttermind).

When I say stepped up a notch what I mean is she is getting very horny, and she has sent him pictures of herself. She knows he is hung (tasty and scary she said about it). You get the drift, sexting I believe the youngsters call it.

About an hour ago she went around to his gaff.

Now I know she has no intention of playing, she enjoys the flirt and the tease and has told him as much. He knows that she is free to play if she chooses but for the moment she chooses not to. I suspect however that her resolve may falter some, if not tonight then soon. We will see. In the meantime she and I have had a few fun nights playing and fantasising, and tonight we played that she was going with the intention of fucking another guy. Apparently if I was not still healing she got off on the idea of locking me up before she went. So I am as you can imagine very excited, somewhat nervous and a bit (more than a bit) entertained.

She sent me a message at work today and a picture of herself wearing only her work shirt (wide open) and her stockings, but no skirt or panties and her pussy shaved. Then she told me that she had just sent him that picture and she hoped I liked it too (and that I didn't mind). Can you imagine how quickly it got me horny?

I have no idea if anything will come of this, she will call the shots and she is (rightly) cautious. Its fun anyway.



thumper said...

What's the right thing to say at a moment like this? Good luck? And for who, you or her? Or both?

In any event, this is really fucking hot. I hope you both get what you want from it (and tell us lurking pervs all the gory details along the way).

heelsnstocking said...

wow! im aroused for both of you

Elle said...

Hmmm... that's pretty damn hot ;)

Florida Dom said...

Is she going to share that picture of her shaved pussy on the website?

And yes, it was a hot post and can't wait for more details and see if she decides she has to have him.

And what effect does this have on you?