Monday, 20 September 2010

Shaven subby

Yesterday I found that my wife prefers me fully shaved down below. Not just cock and balls, but fully totally bare. Its a slight preference but one nonetheless. I have therefore been asked, well told, to keep myself bare, she thinks I should depilate once every two weeks.

This is a big change for her, she used to prefer me hairy.

Its also pushed my submissive buttons big time, being totally bare is for me a very submissive look and to be told to keep myself that way is.... Very hot indeed!

i am as thumper would say a very happy bunny.



mikecb said...

I have to agree, I love the feeling of being shaved. At this point, I shave everything from the neck down except my lower arms. I'm not into feminization at all. It's just very submissive feeling for me. I've kept myself shaved for about 5 years now, and love it. If I had the spare money, I'd get laser treatments and make it permanent.


MyKey said...

Hi mike

Yes we have laser planned for for us both, if ever we have the spare cash. Family rather more of a priority these days!

It is such a submissive feeling to be bare, rather delicious. For sandy it's not that though, she just likes to feel clean.


Thumper said...

i am as thumper would say a very happy bunny.

Hey! Stop stealing my schtick!