Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A bit of holiday love

Well as you may have guessed from the tidied posts we are back, so I thought that I would tease you all with a couple of pictures. One of the pretty one, and one of me. Comments are encouraged, especially naughty ones :)


The pretty one!!!


GoodHubby said...

Pretty One, indeed! Oh, to be the string in that bikini! Of course, I would have to figure out how to keep my tongue, during the transformation. Very nice!

On a more observation note, I think you, MyKey, are well equipped for spanking. I think your bum is a perfectly formed target.

MyKey said...

Yes, it would be a happy place indeed. Maybe if we are good then in our next life we could come back as tongued strings..

Haha, are you offering?

naughty wife said...

If he's not, I will! You do have a yummy spankable ass. For that matter so does your wife. And GH and I have a rule - if he gets to taste her, so do I :) (actually the rule started in reverse, he can't stand the idea of me being with a woman and him not getting to join in. I may use this against him one day) Anyway, thanks for the lovely pictures to perk up my day!

MyKey said...

Well thank you Maam.

Haha, feel free, i am more than happy to see her with another woman :) I can understand GHs feelings, that would not be something any man would want to miss! Course you would keep him locked up the whole time right?

I will never forget our first foursome. We were with another couple and at one point she was on her front with him taking her from behind and both their heads in between my wife's legs lapping away. Looked like a pair of overexcitable puppies trying to get to a milk bowl. It was hilarious (and sexy).

Elle said...

Both super sexy :D